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IGN: Snaki   Discord: Yokura#0850

Hiyo! I've picked up RO again after a a long hiatus.  It feels like this is always the game I fall back on.  

I've filled my time with drawing instead of games, so I'm offering some commissions to fund my games while I also try to farm for some kahos, or two, or three... and hats. so many hats. Please fund my hats addiction. 


Bust-up: 40TC or equivalent zeny
Full-Body: 60TC or equivalent zeny

Multi-char: Multiply the tier(Bust/full) x number of characters


Info needed
Tier (Bust/Full): 
Picture/Sprite References: 
Eye Color: 
Misc Notes: 

Current slots - 3 total - all filled

Deliciousgreenapple -  full body paid

Yuren - multi char full body paid

Kisuka-  full body paid--


Samples!  Lots of cute anime girls--   I'll be doing color drawings!  Sorry, female chars only, I'm not very good at drawing guys q.q



you can find more of my work here:

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Updated slots
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Posted (edited)

Full body multi char slot pls. /awsm I'll mail char references in a bit.

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Posted (edited)


I want the cool hat -- ouo

Got it! Added you to the full body slots

Thank you!!  Let me know what times you're online for payment. Unless the mail system can send coins...? It's been a while orz



Heck yea- one slot for you 



My discord is Yokura#0850 if that's a more convenient method of contact 

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Added discord info

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( Are there no more slots? 😧 If there's a waitlist please put me in, Full Body, please! )

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Ah, you are fine!  Sorry I didn't actually think too hard about a slots system. I'll put you down for a full body ^^  fill out the form for info and I can get started! 

I'll keep it at 3 slots for now-- all slots filled!  will work on finishing them all and opening again when I'm done.  


I will try to be online...! Although I might be asleep by then orz  

I am PST timezone

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Waah I stalk you on Twitter and now you're here! /lv

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    • By ThisIsKinyo
      I bet that I share really similar story than most people here in art corner. I use to play RO back in 2006-2010, then I quit, got struck by nostalgia after 8 years and here I am. And I must say it feels good. So far I'm really enjoying this server and I hople to stay for longer. 
      So why I started this thread. Well. I'm doing art for a living and lately I felt a little bit stagnate with my work. And I guess the style of this game and it's creative freedome got me really inspired. So I decided to experiment with more anime/manga style and share with you how I fail in the process. 
      For this first post I took the liberty to show you a little of what I've been doing  up until now. And since I don't have any Ragnarok related art yet, I'll post stuff that can feel a little bit random. Hope that's ok. 
      So without further ado here's some of my work. Most of them are personal stuff that i do afterhours for fun.

      In the future I hope to populate this thread with Ragnarok related stuff. In order to keep myself a steady flow of inspiration I'm gonna be drawing random characters roaming around Prontera. Once I'm done with couple random drawings that I allready started that is. So yeah. I hope you gonna like them. 
      Oh, btw. I'm open for commisions now. So if you want me to draw something for you, shoot me a PM or message me on discord.  ramalooke#4085
      Have fun!
    • By Pneuma
                                                                                                                                                          IGN: Kees Nelis
      Normal 35m (without background)
      Chibi 25m

    • By Rinny Rin
      Hi guys Rinny here
      I really love to draw but I'm not confident enough to show it 
      And now that work is eating all my time to play, I cant farm anymore and rarely online in game now.
      Then one of my ebil friend encourage force me to make my own art corner, 
      so here i am
      >> Here are some of my doodles 

      >> sample of my traditional drawings

      >> and one of my finish commission 

      I do accept commission but for now i only accept chibi one because I'm still noob and still practicing.

      >> Chibi Headshot - 7M

      >> Chibi Couple - 12M
      >> Anime Headshot - 10M (SOON)
      >>Anime full body - 18M (SOON)
      If you want a slot you can post here or pm me on discord Rinny#1449

      For now i only accept 3 slot cause quite busy with work and in real life.

      Open || Close
      Waiting list
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