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[SOLVED] "Your chosen Signature does not meet the guidelines"?


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[SOLUTION] Keep trying from time to time. It should work, apparently. It did for me, as you can see *Points at Signature* /no1

Hello, I am having some issues with savings my "Forum Signature" via the Account settings. 

What I did:

  • I went to TalonRO's Signature Generator
  • Entered my Characters name, picked "Spring" for the "Style" and I clicked "Generate"
  • It generated my Signature image + URL - I copied URL
  • I went to Account Settings>Signature and I pasted the copied link to the "Signature" BBCode or whatever that is:P (Where my Signature is shown in the Picture below)
  • "Your chosen signature does not meet the guidelines" pops up after clicking "Save"

When I save the Signature, it says "Your chosen signature does not meet the guidelines" and I don't know why /wah

I also tried copying the "image" instead of the link and just pasting that into the Signature area and clicked save but it also gave me that "Your chosen signature does not meet the guidelines"



IN-ADVANCE: Sorry if this is posted in the wrong category. /sry


I also tried saving the signature image to my computer and uploading it that way via the "choose files..." and it did not work/wah

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Additional Information: "P.S.", Solution
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