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poor rogue asking the value of some loots

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I'm a poor rogue trying to get zeny together for some basic things like kaho and maybe ice pick, soo
could someone please help me and tell price of these cards and items? looking for average, min and max prices, but any of those helps really.

yoyo, orc zombie, anolian, wolf, horn, cruiser, mobster, evil nymph, mineral


jur with 3 sockets, goddess of fortune's cursed brooch, pirate dagger, baby chick hat


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Yoyo - for perfect dodge build 1.5m - 3m

Orc zombie - few hundred k

Anolian - useless 100k - 150k

Wolf - few hundred k

Horn - 900k - 1.5m

Cruiser - few hundred k

Mobster - for critical build 1m - 1.5m

Evil nymph - few hundred k

Mineral - few hundred k

Pirate dagger - 1.9m - 2.5m

Baby chick hat - 1.5m - 2.5m (or even 3m)

Goddes of fortune brooch - 200k - 500k

Jur 3 slot - probably few hundred k

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