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    • By xRana
      Hello everyone!
      We are Landers aka people of the land, we are meant to be npcs, native people of the game. But... not like any ordinary ones, we are npcs that derived from the script 😅. Some adventurers might refer to us as npcs with souls.
      Reference : http://log-horizon.wikia.com/wiki/People_of_the_Land
      We are a small guild from splendide, either you're new to the game or already had enough of runs you're very welcome. We usually do a bit of everything. 
      Most of runs aren't scheduled, we go whenever members ready No restriction on organizing or joining runs No timezone since we are all from different places Only 2 rules on discord (to discover when you join)  ❤️ Thank you ❤️

      Discord: https://discord.gg/UQ4J78Q
      City: Splendide
      Timezone: N/A
      Race: Npc
    • By Cece
      Hello fellow artists and art lovers. Nice to meet you!
      Info about me:
      So I've been bouncing around from server to server since early 2000's; Low rates, high rates and official servers. After quitting IRO for a few years, I went searching for another place to call home and stumbled upon TalonRO. I was a bit skeptical at first because of the customization but I decided to download it anyways and give it a try. I must say upon entering Prontera I was first impressed with the level of friendliness. Second being the decent economy and third the fun quests.
      I hope as time passes I can get to know more people and make some new friends!
      Art Info:
      For the time being I'll only do chibi-esque drawings.
      I do own a tablet but as of now I don't know where the draw pen is. *cough*my 2 yr old misplaced it*cough*
      Now you're probably wondering: "How the hell is she going to do art without her tablet pen?". Fear not customers for I'm pretty decent in sketching and inking with a mouse. Yes, that's right, a mouse. I use the brush tool for sketching and the pen tool to ink my drawings.
      With that said, if after reading this you still want to commission me, read below.
      ✧ 1 character: 20m (300 DPI, fully colored, detailed, simple background or no background)
      ✧ 2 characters (Max): 30m (300 DPI, fully colored, detailed, simple background or no background)
      ✧ Pets: 5m (Humanoid pets are 10m)
      ✧ Mounts: 10m
      What I need from you:
      ✧Eye Colour:
      ✧Hair Colour:
      ✧Headgear / Accessories:
      ✧Personality / Description:
      ✧Screenshots of your Character (all angles):
      ✧Optional; Art from other people
      ✧✧Commissions will take roughly 7+ days based on a number of factors
      ✧✧ Finished Art Commissions will be sent through PM and uploaded here upon Payment.
      IGN Chaste Kiss and Vanilla Crystal

      Waiting List:

      Thanks for stopping by!
      ** = Will update when on Break or Busy
    • By jili32
      anyone ever buy/sell def+4 glit jacket pls help.
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