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GM Zelda

Summer Art Contest: Postcards from TalonRO

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6 hours ago, agilazo said:


How you make that? :D

@agilazo It's basically puzzling around in Photoshop and some own spritings for specific gestures! I mostly use http://ro-character-simulator.ratemyserver.net/ for the .bmp of the body parts of the characters. Anything not available on RMS (such as TalonRO customized hairstyles, hair colors, costumes, etc) you can obtain by extracting TalonROs .grf's and browsing the .spr and .pal with the program Sprite Conview (RIP the time to browse in those huge folders). You can turn those into .bmp to use them in Photoshop. All you need afterwards is your fantasy on how to use them and a lot of love for the atmosphere with some photoshop skills!

If you got more interest or questions on a How-To, you can DM me /ok But I'm glad you like it!


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Oh wow! We are already getting some really cool entries.

@Nyphia That is a really nice summer night setting! The more you look at it, the more details you see.

@waffelchen pssssst youshouldtotallycallthem

@EiDreamer I really like the water effects you did! So refreshing~


Keep em coming /slur 

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