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Hi i'm planning to be a Creator, and worried about what to do. I currently have a 27.8m zeny to start with creator
and planning to be a PvM, AD Bomber and Pot Maker to make even more money, and also a Party purpose Creator for extra money etc. Like (ET/GMC)
My Questions are:

1: is it enough ZENY to start with?

2: what equipments should i buy first?(i already have kaho)

3: what kind of builds to properly act as a AD bomber/Pot maker

4: what kind of homun should i pick? (i have Lif lvl 32)

5: where should i farm?

6: where should i level my alchemist t'll 99/70

7: what are the benefits of being a creator

i hope i can get the help and guide i wanted :P

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1. It depends on what you already have with all of your gears.

2. Considering playing as a new bio, its best to get these gears for PVM such as ET.

- Marc in any armor

- Deviling in any garment

- Eddga in any shoe

- Rental Excalibur ( trust me on this one)

- and fill in the rest with your trusty gears =0

3. AD bomber should prioritize on Int > Dex > leftovers to any.
Brewer is slightly different, it require a lot more gears and its Luk / Dex > Int dependent

4. Lif for life ! ❤️ . That's based on preference really, you could go Vanilmirth with a good ai !

5. Farming with bio is a bit difficult though. I would highly suggest to farm using another class =[
6. With a good homun ai and vanilmirth, you can afk level in places like orcsdun01/02 then at high orc, if not you can simply level in GMC / ET or any party runs !

7. When you bomb high vit monsters such as Cronus / Hydro / Syren and see your damage goes sky high +_+ Oh and being able to do money shots (Acid demonstration is expensive T_T )

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Thank you very much,for the help I really appreciate it! 

Currently my only problem is Equipments
(i currently have)
Eddga shoes
Moonsoon Muffler (for dex and stuff uWu) but maybe i should buy devilling instead to survive :[

Any idea's on what should i put on at Accesorries? I need some tips/advice on what should i buy first so i can survive

One last question

Can i earn even more zeny if i achieved those stuff???  especially being a brewer
-is it possible to change from Bomber to Brewer a couple of times?
- will it hurt that bad with my zenies?

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Hmm... if you’re going with a party i guess stemworm garment is okay. 

Accessories i would suggest anything that grants either Int / dex for now then work on Celebration Rings :)


Earning money as a brewer is possible but to recouperate for the cost of investment is going to take a while. Players only buy ranked Condensed Yellow / White Pots as they heal more than unranked. 


With reset npc available, i don’t see why its not possible to change stats :)



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Posted (edited)

For brewing refer to lela's guide. Most likely you'll need at least celebration rings (and max job level creo and 99 evolved homuncu) to be effective, i.e. earn more than just selling ingreds to players and buying brewed stuff from them, but i may be wrong.

You can reset stat/skills anytime cheaply (<15k at max level).

For ET/GMC and other high end runs you'll need golden thief bug shield, fire armor (unslotted ok), marc armor, probably medusa shield and nightmare mid headgear. Eddga is close to those too and a must for solo MVPing. Deviling (Leak is often better), accesorries, other shields and armors, ESL mid and even weapon is second priority. You mostly AD dangerous stuff and sometimes MVPs, FCP people (sometimes under crossfire, so eddga and gtb might be crucial). But that's for lazy creos, good ones abuse plants, potion pitcher and some other stuff. :D

Before people would feed lif until evolving, then abuse Mental Strength (you could cast it indefinitely by rest/call, teleporting, changing maps). Now you can't, it has its 20min cd and without it lif is pretty weak. It might be fixed eventually, see topic in Merchant subforum. Still lif is for life as it's cute and gives you super speed. :DEdit: Fixed with last update. Lifs are great again!

Leveling alche can be a bit tedious. You either mammonite hill winds, or partly afk with homunculus or do some funny stuff like here: Crothen's marine sphere mobbing guide. Bio is easy: 1hit AD mobs that can give you loots to sell for AD costs (bradium golems worked for me perfectly) or just join GMC/ETs until 99/70.

Read backpages of Merchant subforum, there are a lot of good advices scattered for creo, especially for non traditional or solo gameplay and by dedicated creo players (like Sachi for ex).

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