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PvM | Dark Randgris

GM Lance

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With the threat of the Nightmare's Rift eradicated by the Valkyrie, one perished to the scorching plague emitted by the shroud. Valkyrie Randgris has been
afflicted with the disease that once spread across Rune Midgard, having fallen victim to pestilence during Elysian Garden's conflict. Despite her sister's
efforts, Randgris has succumbed to darkness and has taken refuge beyond Odin's Temple. The Valkyries have enlisted the best to aid them in vanquishing
the shroud infesting Randgris, believing that remnants of her former self still exists. 

Your expeditions will pit you at the root, attacking Dark Randgris head-on with the support of the Valkyries, in an attempt to cleanse her from the plague.
Please note that this will be a timed event challenge with repercussions that will change Elysian Garden as well as its future content.


  • A minimum party setup of 12 (24 maximum) will be required to participate
  • Players during the run will have 40 minutes to complete the instance
  • An assigned party leader must confirm their participation on this thread ahead of said instance
  • Should a party fail (or complete) the instance, a 7 day cooldown will be in effect
  • A maximum of one resurrection will be granted in case of a party wipe
  • You will be given a choice of summoning one of six Valkyrie to aid you in the final battle
  • Dual clienting is strictly forbidden


20x Valkyrie Coins + 1x Talon Coin

Challenge Rewards

Zenith (defeat Verthandi, Pulse Sieger, Dark Dragon & Gold Dreki)
10x Valkyrie Coins

Nightmare's Champion (clear in under 30 minutes)
10x Valkyrie Coins

Black Hood (find and defeat the optional super boss)
10x Valkyrie Coins + 1x Talon Coin

Lionheart (defeat Dark Randgris MVP in under 10 minutes)
10x Valkyrie Coins + 2x Talon Coins


20th November
Slot 1 [ TheStranger's Team ] 2:30am Server Time
Slot 1 [ Mig's Team ] 2pm Server Time
Slot 2 [ Thalloblub's Team ] 4pm Server time
Slot 3 [ Bongo's Team ] 6pm Server Time

21st November
Slot 1 [ Sinshine's Team ] 3pm Server Time
Slot 2 [ EVIL's Team ] 8pm Server Time

22nd November
Slot 1 [ Xyn's Team ] 2pm Server Time
Slot 2 [ Lieca's Team ] 3pm Server time
Slot 3 [ Naght's Team ] 4pm Server Time
Slot 4 [ Hatfun's Team ] 5pm Server Time

23rd November
Slot 1 [ Koma's Team ] 2pm Server Time
Slot 2 [ Bobito's Team ] 3pm Server Time


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