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ME and Demon Bane

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Demon Bane (Skill ID# 23)
Type Passive Max Lv 10  
Requirements (May vary for different classes, view skill by classes is recommended)
Divine Protection Lv 3
Required For Signum Crucis (Lv 3, Acolyte), Heal (Lv 5, Crusader), Iron Hand (Lv 10, Monk), Signum Crucis (Lv 3, Super Novice), Mana Recharge (Lv 10, High Priest), Gospel (Lv 5, Paladin), Iron Hand (Lv 10, Expanded Super Novice)
Effect Increases damage against Undead property and Demon family monsters by (3*SkillLV)+[0.05*(BaseLV + 1)]. Damage ignores DEF reduction from armor, but not from VIT. The skill bonus increases with higher character BaseLV.
Does not work against Players. Base increment without BaseLV modification:
Other Notes
Level Description
1 ATK +3
2 ATK +6
3 ATK +9
4 ATK +12
5 ATK +15
6 ATK +18
7 ATK +21
8 ATK +24
9 ATK +27
10 ATK +30

99% of the time descriptions that "increase damage against X" is physical only. Usually they specifically mention "magical damage" if it increases magic. The Description column is the biggest tell, as it states ATK +X. ATK is physical, mATK is magical. 


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