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[Guide] Fat Crit Sniper

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[Guide] What are the snipers silent about...



Just wanna tell you about my advices and ideas about playing as fat crit sniper (yep, with "fat" word, there no typo), this is what’s based on my practice. In that guide I wanna tell you not about leveling (but you can find some ideas anyway), but about advices and ideas.





Path of ninja sniper

I wanna start my guide from few advices for novice snipers (not only for crit-snipers):

- Your first item is a General Egnigem Cenia Card (GEC) in any footgear, what you can use (this item is very important for novice snipers because it is infinity SP for your sniper when you level or farm at the start of his path).

- Lord Kaho's Horn (LKH) is nice, but it is not cheap and you can use cheap Ship Captain Hat [1] (increases by 7% long range damage (it is like 10dex), before you buy your LKH (or you can use Ship Captain Hat before you buy Valkyrie Helm [1] (VH), because this hat has a slot unlike LKH and you can put in it Gryphon Card or something else.

- Sometimes Dragon Tail Card is not the best card for your garment (you can put Stem Worm Card if with it you can have 10 dex more dex (it is equal 7% damage for all your long range damage instead 5% to double strafing (DS) from Dragon Tail Card).

- Dont be lazy, you must  use traps (at least ancle snare), because it can help you to kill more hard mobs on your level with your gear.

- Many ppl buying Glove [Sting Card] when they are hunters (but most of time you can farm and level up without it (and if you really need dex on your accessories, you can use rental refined gloves). If you can wait before you rebirth your character, you can buy Bradium Earring [Sting Card]. It is about 2 times cheaper than Glove [Sting Card] and money saved you can use for buying other items.

- We all know Refined Ballista is a really good bow for hunters and sniper if you still not have Artemis Bow [3]. Yes, it is the best bow for maps where you need to swap arrows, but Elven Bow [1]  is better on maps where you need only one type of elemental arrows (you just need sage for enchants as second window).

- If your ping is bad, you need more than 184 aspd for minimum delay of DS (yes, ping can kill your delay reduction from aspd, and i am DSing faster with 188 aspd (my ping is about 200).



There are few setups for novice snipers:

80 lvl setup of young peach tree killer:


Setup for more geared peach tree killer (99/70, 190 aspd):



- Dont worry about 189,9 aspd in calculator, because it is 190 asp in game (just calculator's bug).

- Why bathory card? Blame butterflies...

- Why here more dex than dex you need for multiplicity bonus? Because Elven Bow gives you +2 dex, but Refined Ballista is not. You can use both bows with same multiplicity bonus.

- Why here 10 str? more str = more weight = more loot, but if you have more than 10 str, critical bonus from Gryphon Card is reduced.





What is a fat crit sniper?

Instead of an  introduction I wanna give you calculator link with geared fatcritsniper (in order to better present what is being in guide):


It is one of vartiations of this build, because you can’t have everything in one build and you need to change it for your priority=)

- Why you uses Eddga? Are you insane? Yes, i do! This card is awesome card (it is the best card for many jobs) and it helps me everytime. With this card attacks of mobs dont stop you and you can run away while you sets traps behind you (it is more easy to use trap when mob already attacks you. Anyway you can use GEC for SP or Lady Tanee Card (LT) (it gives to you good hp and damage bonuses), but my favorite card is Eddga.

- Why you uses Lord of the Death (LoD)? Most of critical sniper uses Chung E Card, but i uses LoD instead because I like when I have stun immunity (and curse immune too-just 3 vit more). It helps to you to save stat points (but you have 2.5% less crit than with Chung E) and gives you 10% resistances (10% from all sizes of mobs). Meanwhile for Chung E you need +9 Hood (but LoD can be used with any garment).

- Why you use Proxy Skin Fragment [1]? Most of time sniper recieves long range damage and most of that if elemental, 3% resistance from all elements is nice. Anyway you can use Naght Seiger Flame Manteau [1] (+5% hp (but it is only about 3% to your total hp, because you already have hp bonuses from other items) or Crest of the Rider [1] (+2 agi for saving some statpoints).

- Why you use Pussy Cat Bell (PCB)? Are you really insane? I already told you "Yes, i do!" Additional 5 defence = good, really good. But you can use Scissors Replica (+1 agi for saving some statpoints), but my choice is PCB because more def = less incoming damage.

- You must have shield with Golden Thief Bug Card (GTB)! Seriously, it can save you and your party sometime. And I recommend to use Valkyrja's Shield [1] for it. Here not too much elemental attacks, but sometimes it helps (it gives 20% reduction from Water, Fire, Shadow and Undead Property and haves only 50 weigh). If you dont have money for it, buy Guard [1] (but anyway i recommend to have Valkyrja's Shiel [1]).

- Instead 15 luk sqi bonus you can take 20% magic resistance (it is good because most of incoming damage is a magic) or Safety Wall bonus.

- Why 15% hp bonus? We neeed more life! More life = more vitality what can save your life.

- If you wanna use eddga shoes, I can recommend Diablos Manteau [Deviling Card] for swap (this garment really helps to fat sniper). But don’t use it as main garment, because it increases incoming elemental damage for 50%.

If you wanna use Deviling and wanna have stun immunity without LoD, I can recommend something like this:





Artemis with... Sniper Cards! (Kulon, you are insane!)

It is really interesting bow and sometimes I really use it (for farm or for wave). And Sniper card multiplies 2 times (chance and steal percent) and you have 30% chance to steal 60% of damage wit 3 cards. If here much mobs, you can full heal you with each sharp shoot (SS) (but you still not a immortal). With this bow you can farm in thor or abbey as solo. It is just idea, but my practice with this bow is good.


- i canlt recommend it for classic builds, because if you dead, you can’t steal hp, hahaha (low hp = nothing to restore)




Advices for some locations:

Bio 4.

Deviling garment is good here. And... Angeling Card! Why not? It saves you from one shot kill from holy light and holy cross). It reduces elemental damage from mobs of this location (and it is not summed up with deviling increase, it multiplies (+12.5% incoming elemental damage instead +50% like with only deviling)). And your second armour for swap is marc armour (only from professor casts).

Bio 3.

Deviling + Angeling doesn’t save your life here. You need to swap garments (Deviling and LoD) and use dokkebi armour. You can swap dokkebi with RSX 0806 (RSX) armour on snipers (just for you not to be pushed back from pneuma). Deviling can help you to be alive if you recieve noncritical spiral pierce. And don’t forget to take GTB, because it really can save you sometime!

 Thor 3

Dont wanna tell you about 1 level of it because many people told about it. You can lure mobs here (but i don’t recommend to lure too much mobs). Dont forget to take pasana armour because kasa have non magic fire AoE with high damage. With pasana you can use deviling garment (it can help you to be alive after sonic blow from salamander if your hp is too high.

Abbey 3

Deviling and bathory is your choice (but dont forget to take 100 vit withoul LoD!). You can duo with hp here or trio with hp and hw (then you can kill banshees and help to kill necros). You can use armour with Gloom Undernight instead bathory if you are too geared. Or you can solo here if you have artemis with sniper cards >:D

DG 1-2 (Dimensional Gorge)

Deviling, Eddga and Gloom/Rsx (dont forget about 100 vit). There you don’t use SS in little party, but you can lure mobs (but i don’t recommend to lure angels). If you wanna solo here, you can take Safety Wall bonus because mobs uses pneuma, and kill it with traps (or lure and SS them if there are no angels). For solo you need GEC shoes (for sp) and RSX armour (because it can be probably to pick up you drop if here still mobs).

OGH (old glastheim)

Eddga, Deviling, Sandman (earth property for armour) and bathory. Sandman for arclouses because they have earth attack with high damage. Bathory for other mobs (much mobs have shadow attacks with high damage).

Juperos 3

Eddga, Deviling, Garm armour (yep, sniper with garm armour, haha).You can duo here with good hp (more ppl = less money from share). HP luring, you kill with  with few SS. You can solo here if you have snipers artemis.




Let's summarize about fatcritsniper:


You are tanky. Sometimes you can be the last one alive in your party and ressu them. It is universal. Here good critical chance with 190 aspd what is good for most mobs and bosses. Here you have stun immunity (and curse immunity if you take it). You can do damage when other snipers already dead or  with stuns or curses.You can use traps better in hard situations (if you have eddga) and can lure mobs (if you have eddga and gtb).


You have less damage than DS snipers. If there;s no high AoE damage or negative statuses for other snipers, MVP is not yours.


You can farm on most of locations, because build is universal. But the best is: Endless Tower, Game Master Challenge и Wave Challenge. Because here much different mobs and bosses and you can’t change your build when you already here. Fatcritsniper is really good for it.


PS: If you wanna go somewhere, dont forget to take fatcritsniper=)






Vanilla 190 aspd:


Vanilla 190 aspd and 180 dex (instant cast after ressurection) for instances:


Note: This build actual only for instances, because here less restrictions, than on pvp.



Edited by Kulon
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I might want to add something to this guide, whoever tries this don't forget to shout "AB SNIPER *Followed by your name*" in order to get +100 all stats.

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5 minutes ago, Clareon said:

I might want to add something to this guide, whoever tries this don't forget to shout "AB SNIPER *Followed by your name*" in order to get +100 all stats.

AB Sniper Kulon please! (c)

Edited by Kulon
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Hi @Kulon

With 97 vit, how often and for how long do you get cursed? Do you think it is dismissable or necessary to get it too 100? 

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1 hour ago, jc.tjandra said:

Hi @Kulon

With 97 vit, how often and for how long do you get cursed? Do you think it is dismissable or necessary to get it too 100? 

hi. vit dont reduce chance of curse (it reduce only duration). i uses 100 vit where i can be cursed (100 vit = immune). idk how long it with 97 vit

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Posted (edited)

Side note - luk reduces curse chance. With 97 vit i feel that curse lasts for like half a second at most - it's literally just a blink. And with such high luk it should be rare.

Edited by Ver

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