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GM Kuma

Art | Autumn Loading Screen Contest!

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IGN: ChaosGenerator


This is the parody of The Gleaners...





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IGN: Skarn

Both entries are the same pic, with the only difference being the presence of the flames around the logo (couldn't decide which one looked better)

Challenges Attempted:

  1. GM Creed Challenge (coin.jpg) - Include Jakk (the monster)
  2. GM Radius Challenge (coin.jpgInclude at least 7 pumpkins (6 pumpkin lanterns + Jakk's head)
  3. GM Luna Challenge (coin.jpgInclude a scary Deviruchi-faced full moon
  4. GM Gowther Challenge (coin.jpg) Include a white cat sleeping on a pumpkin
  5. GM Xing Challenge (coin.jpg)Include four different Nifflheim monsters (Lude, Hylozoist, Gibbet, Quve)
  6. GM Azul Challenge (coin.jpg - Include four skulls (bottom right of rightmost gravestone, Lude's chat bubble, Rooftop, Middle building's window) 

With Flames:



Without Flames:



Edited by skarn
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I hope I can finish this on time, posting WIP for now (/ω\)




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