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Howdy Everyone o7

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Good afternoon, anyone that spends time reading this. 

I always thought that if I planned on sticking around a game/server of anything long enough, it was the right thing to go ahead and introduce myself on the forums.

This isn't my first time playing Ragnarok Online (far from it), but it is my first foray into TalonRO, and I've loved everything that I've experienced so far. I played on the iRO official (p2p) servers for some time, using Ritios as my tag and adding letters to the end of the name for any alts that I made (Ritiosk, Ritiosa, etc.). I've also played extensively on other RO private servers (namely Jynx Online as Roporing/Grape/Sensei and EsunaRO as Montblanc/Aunt Monty). 

Currently working on a hunter on my own, and several other "partner" characters with friends that have started playing, but I'm looking forward to eventually joining a guild and doing some of the weekly runs that I've read about on the forums. 

Thanks for reading, I'm looking forward to playing with you guys in-game!

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