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[SLOW] Scherie's Art Corner // Commission Open

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☆ Hello, welcome to my art corner! ☆


I'm Scherie, quite a new player (maybe you'll find me lurking in Payon, and Prontera for daily Betty) in TalonRO. I've been playing in this server for almost two months together with my wuvwuv forever game partner, SoraKHK, who's been the one busy with grinding to make living for both of us. And I thought, hey why don't I open an art thread so I can spend all of the money for costume to support both of us! /shy

And after the encouragement from him and our friends, I finally made one.





I don't really draw in general, so I don't have a lot of samples ;u; 







Please refer to this DeviantArt page to see it in better format (I think?): CLICKIES

I will also update drawings here for you guys to check out! ❤️




Chibi Sketch: 5 mil zeny / 5 Talon Coin  || Colored: 10 mil zeny / 10 Talon Coin 

Chibi Couple Sketch: 8 mil zeny / 8 Talon Coin || Colored: 13 mil zeny // 13 Talon Coin

Half Body Sketch: 8 mil zeny / 8 Talon Coin ||  Colored: 15 mil zeny / 15 Talon Coin

Half Body Couple Sketch: 10 mil zeny / 10 Talon Coin || Colored: 20 mil zeny / 20 Talon Coin

Full Body Sketch: 10 mil zeny / 10 Talon Coin || Colored: 25 mil zeny / 25 Talon Coin

Full Body Couple Sketch: 12 mil zeny / 12 Talon Coin || Colored: 30 mil zeny / 30 Talon Coin


(P.S: The samples above are the result for sketches. Clean lineart are only for colored pieces) 





1. Hit the reply button, PM me, or chat me through Discord Cheryl#4855 if you're interested with this format:


- Character Screenshot (In every sides, if possible)
- Appearance Detail (Eye color, headgear ID, skintone, headgear IDs, height -if you have preference)
- Character's Personality (Is he/she cheerful? Mysterious? Playful?)
- Pet or homunculus (If any)

2. I'm still suck at drawing anatomy, fingers, coloring and male characters (hey that's too much), but I promise I'll do my best ( ; ω ; )

3. For colored commission, will send you the rough sketch/draft for approval first, before proceeding the step.

4. If there's anything you're unsatisfied with, I'll gladly make some amendments.

5. I accept both zeny and talon coin (1mil = 1TC). You can mail it to my High Priestess Scheria (with an 'a'), or trade me directly. I mostly online around 7PM (GMT+7) and hang around Payon.

6. Payment is splitted into two phase: DP of minimum 50% after the rough draft sent, and the rest after I finished the art for you! 

7. The final artwork will be sent in high-res JPEG and PNG to your Discord or PM.

8. I am not a professional artist, I work quite slow so give me about a week to finish your drawing 





1. Mei Magnolia

2. Novalolly

3. Bobito





(there's something here already ;D click click!)



☆ Commission for Lost Snail ☆




☆ Thank you very much! ☆


Edited by Scherie
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7 minutes ago, Mei Magnolia said:

Slot Please o/




5 minutes ago, Novalolly said:

slot pls

 /omg I didn't expect it to be so fast!! 

I'll PM you guys for the details! ❤️

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Heard about your shop from Snail and Lydia UwU Your dA gallery is amazing!

Welcome to the Art Corner and TalonRO and hope to see you in-game. :)

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      ★ Wishlist / Art for Items ★
      Alternatively, these are items I'd love to own and would be willing to sell my soul draw art for! 
      If you wish to offer with things that aren't included here, I don't mind! We can try to work it out and I have a huge wishlist lol 
      Actively looking for || high on wishlist
      ─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ───
      ★ Slots ★
      1. Cassidy
      2. GM Xing
      3. Lydia
      ★ Wait list ★
      If you would like to be added here while slots are full, let me know!
      - (closed)
      Thank you so much for reading! 
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