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PC Halloween Midas Whisper

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price check please


Halloween Midas Whisper

Obtained: Halloween Event 2013

Free Gift of Famous Geneticist Bob Rose's book. Midas mark looks cute.

All stats +1. Adds a 5% resistance against Demon monsters. Gain a candy item when killing monsters of DemiHuman type by low chance.

[base STR >= 80] Atk +30

[base VIT >= 80] MaxHP +5%

[base LUK >= 80] CRIT +5

[base AGI >= 80] ASPD +5%

[base INT >= 80] MATK +3%

[base DEX >= 80] Cast Time -5%

Defense: 3 Equipped on: Upper Weight: 50 Required Level: 10 Applicable Job: Every Job


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