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PvM | Valkyrie: Mystic Tower

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Mystic Tower is an increasingly difficult gauntlet challenge themed around Valkyrie: Battle of the Nine (episodes 4-6). Participating parties fight their way through 30 stages, with a special boss enc

Changes to Mystic Tower (22/06/20): Aluda Von Spellbound MVP changed to Bijou on the first climb One of the following instances will trigger (at random) should the beacon shatter on stage

Changes to Mystic Tower (14/07/20): Stage 5 adjustment: Hel will now spawn after her legion (regular mobs) are defeated in a single wave Removed Hel's Imitation, Hel's Descent and Hel's R

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We're excited to present a new experimental challenge reward system introduced to Mystic Tower. The plan is to roll out new challenge tiers on a monthly basis, allowing players to experience PvM instances in a different way each run -- providing new strategies, class variations and added replayability in the long term.

Without further ado, here are this month's Mystic Tower challenges:

Braver (bring four classes from the following lineup: SG/LK/Ninja/SinX/Stalker)
10x Valkyrie Coins

Unspun (do not web any of the Valkyrie on stages 10, 15, 20 & 30)
5x Valkyrie Coins + 1x Talon Coin

Seraphic (find the portal to Brynhildr, Geiravor & Herja and defeat them on stage 11)
5x Valkyrie Coins + 1x Talon Coin

Hollow (traverse into Reginleif's hollow on stage 16 and confront her*)
*defeating Reginleif via this method removes her from the final stage
5x Valkyrie Coins + 1x Talon Coin

Adversary (get MVP on 'Phase IV' Loki using a melee class*)
*magic builds are excluded

5x Valkyrie Coins + 1x Talon Coin

Holy Gospel (finish the instance in under 40 minutes)
20x Valkyrie Coins + 2x Talon Coins


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