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Yule Ball | Request a Song!

GM Lance

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TalonRO is pleased to bring back the tenth annual social gala event of the year with the formal Yule Ball! All of the wonderful fun of the Yule Ball is
back, such as our formal wear gala, live music as suggested by the community, an ice bar, dance floor, prizes, and much more - set in the grandeur of the
exclusive TalonRO Ice Palace. This is one event not to be missed! It's an amazing opportunity to meet new people, party with old friends, or even take that
special someone to the greatest party of the year! Yule Ball will make its return in January 2021, exact dates to be confirmed.


The TalonRO Yule Ball streams music through our dedicated TalonRO Radio. You'll need to access TalonRO Radio separately on the night of the
Yule Ball to listen into our live streaming playlist. You can access the TalonRO Radio during the event by visiting https://share.talonro.com/radio/

You can also suggest songs for the Yule Ball! Simply leave the name of the song that you'd like in a post in this thread - it's that easy! Please also
drop a link for the song (such as a YouTube video link) so we can check it out easily! We have 2 hours worth of songs, so feel free to request as many
as you like!

  • Tune into TalonRO during the event to listen to January's live playlist at https://share.talonro.com/radio/
    • Simply visit the link above to be taken to a web player to listen in! Music will only be playing during the Yule Ball hours (January 2021)
  • Request a song by replying in this event thread with a link to the song you'd like to hear at the Yule Ball.
    • With two hours of music to curate into a playlist, we'll try and get your request in the lineup!


We hope that you can take a break from the grind, hang out with old friends (and maybe make new ones!), get your dance on, and win some prizes as well.
The Yule Ball is an event not to be missed on TalonRO! This event attracts hundreds of players from all over TalonRO, and we hope that you can join in the
year end festivities! The Yule Ball is one unforgettable evening of fun, festivities, prizes, and celebrations. (Date TBA)


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