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TalonRO's PVP Frost Tournament

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TalonRO is pleased to introduce our PVP: Frost Tournament! Prepare your boxing gloves and your best armors for this end of the year PVP event, as well as some hot chocolate to get ready and heat up as you bring your opponents down to the chilly arena floor.

The PVP tournament shall use the following format:

  • The tournament will be hosted in Vanilla Mode.
  • Each team will have three (3) participating members.
  • Match winners will be decided through best-of-three matches.


These are the rules in place for the PVP: Frost Tournament:

  • Branches from the same job first job classes are not allowed; for example:
    • High Priest & Champion
    • Clown & Sniper
    • Lord Knight & Paladin
    • Etc.
  • Stalling matches with excessive Cloaking, Chase Walk or Hiding (for more than 30 seconds) will disqualify participants, resulting in a round forfeit.
  • All forms of resurrection items and skills are not allowed.
  • Only 2 Poison Bottles are allowed for each player per match.
  • Each team must have at least one (1) offensive class.
  • Each participant is only allowed to use Vanilla Mode Consumables.
  • PVP-related server rules are strictly enforced; no trash-talking, no discriminatory remarks, etc.
  • Participants cannot join more than one (1) team in the tournament.

Here are the registration procedures to sign up for the PVP tournament:

  • An entry fee of five (5) Talon Coins per team is required.
  • Entry fees are to be mailed to GM Blackstar alongside team details; such as team name, participating character and job class.
    • Spoiler


    • Failure to comply with the application format will forfeit your entry fee; after which you may apply again.
  • Post your team name in this forum thread after in-game registration.
  • Once your registration is done, the staff will issue a confirmation for your team in this forum thread.
  • All confirmed participating teams will be placed in a bracket by the staff.



The Talon Coins collected as part of the registration will be added into the prize pool, alongside Valor and Glory coins. The TalonRO staff will also furnish an additional 100% of the Talon Coins into the prize pool as well.

[First place]

  • A variant of Saiyan Hair costume of each player's individual choice.
    • Spoiler
      image.png.2904571db84a734fb5a4d84735d62b49.png Saiyan Hair costume
      image.png.a078fcd4c2ed1ea6526f51c3329c6b3f.png Black Saiyan Hair costume
      image.png.f0bcf67c72eea2c476ca94321ade4a3e.png White Saiyan Hair costume
    • Note: All Saiyan Hair costumes are account-bound.
  • 2000 Valor and Glory coins each player.
  • Elite Siege Supply Box each player.
  • 50% of Talon Coin prize pool for the entire team.

[Second place]

  • 1000 Valor and Glory coins each player.
  • Veteran Siege Supply Box each player.
  • 25% of Talon Coin prize pool for the entire team.

[Third place]

  • 500 Valor and Glory coins each player.
  • Recruit Siege Supply Box each player.
  • 25% of Talon Coin prize pool for the entire team.

Note: Talon Coins will be given to the team leaders of winning participants; it is the responsibility of each team to decide on their own prize pool sharing.

The registration ends on December 13, 2020 at 0:00 server time.
The tournament begins on December 13, 2020 at 17:00 server time.

On behalf of TalonRO staff, we wish all the participating teams best of luck and see you all on the arena!

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