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Event | Valentine's Day

GM Alura

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IGN: Kuchikimonji (bard) x Sr Angie (high priest)



Our Story ❤️

It was the bishop’s birthday, and for just one day Sr Angie was allowed to take a leave from her duties. She was tired, but stopping for her meant to revive all the horrors she had fought.

 Working makes you forget, but for how long could you resist like this..? – she said to herself. Then suddenly upon all the chattering she heard some music,

 Oh, I like it… – she thought.

A bard was playing a sweet song, and she came closer to hear it.

 What is the name of this song? – asked Sr Angie.

– The Apple of Idun – answered the bard.

Listening to that music her heart felt lightened, the demons she couldn’t stop seeing were dissolving…


As the party ended, she retired to her room together with her fellow sisters.

­– Haven’t you noticed? That bard couldn’t take his eyes off you! –  they told her.

– What are you saying? ­– answered Sr Angie,

 And then? –  thought to herself, – I have to fight demons, this is my duty… –.


The days passed, and she returned slaughtering monsters, this time at the infested castle of Glast Heim. But since that day a doubt subtly arose in her mind:

 My life can’t be different, right? – but then

– MAGNUS EXORCISMUS! – she screamed, as an horde of monsters came close to her.


She was tired, the monsters were too many, those demons were attacking her, biting her, and she felt like passing away, but then suddenly she heard some music…

– Wait, I know this song… – it was that bard! She felt her wounds healing, and just like that day she felt her heart lighter.

– MAGNUS EXORCISMUS – she screamed once again, and this time she made it, all those monsters were gone.


The two came back to the city, she needed a doctor to cure all her wounds.

– Thank you for your help, now you can go, there’s another wing of that castle to clear, tomorrow I have to come back there and accomplish my duty – said Sr Angie.

 But you were almost dying there! –

 Please go… –

The bard took her hand and kissed it gently, staring in her eyes, – As you prefer – he said, and leaved.


That night she couldn’t sleep,

– Tomorrow I have to come back to work, this is my duty..? –


The following day he was waiting for her in the hall.

 I just came here to see how were you… – but she stopped him.

– I’m sorry, you were right, they almost killed me but fighting demons is the only thing I can do! –

 It’s not true. You have a great power, you could use it to help people instead, like I do with my songs! Your powers are so strong, imagine all the good that you could do! –

Sr Angie realized he was right, she could heal people instead of fighting monsters!


From that day on they travelled together, going wherever people needed them, seeing beautiful places and no longer terrible horrors. And finally with her heart light enough for some love.


The original screenshot




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The In-Betweens
IGN: MsHana | IGN: Chewy Crispies


Betwixt the branches, the falling leaves
bewildered by the chasm in our midst
of time and tales foregone, foretold
the world we ventured of TalonRO

How long has it been, since we last played
How long has our adventures been delayed

Do you remember how we used to dabble
To delight in these fantasies, to frolic and gambol
We met elves and trolls, faeries of lore
adventurers alike, friends adored

Remember how we toured Eclage
the faerie lights bright as day
the lamps, the throne, much adorned
the corporality of our fictional door

How I miss moments made
that of which waived wants weighed
we lagged and lived and laughed and loved
in the ever-greens of new-found land

We were up and down and east and west
strolling along the bridged crests
pointing to flowers and fireflies
exclaiming "how pretty!" with your eyes

The feelings were all too real
a déjà vu so surreal
albeit on our mythical saunter
our hands still felt each other

How long has it been, since we last played
How long has our adventures been delayed

It's difficult to be on reality's beck and call
how I wish we could explore some more
the world, the quests, the stories and the rest
of fabled lands from east to west

I long for the day, maybe just once more
to see you smile just as before
until then I'll cling to our photo
the memory of us and our love of TalonRO


Original Screenshot:





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Yule Ball and the Frog King Hat
IGN: Carrotbread and Ayaki

It was 10:00pm local time. In a few hours at 1am, the Yule Ball would be starting. I already told my friends I would be sleeping. But instead, there I was setting up my alarm clock. I ended up going to the event.

Along came a high wizard female (not a trap) who was walking with her friends. She caught my attention out of everyone in the room. She looked cute I thought, wearing that frog king hat. And I also thought it would be funny if I introduced her to my friend and guildmate who hated frogs (he hates it as a joke). Eagerly, I went to discord to tell my friend about this girl. Even though I didn't know her then, I also told this girl about my friend and his distaste for frogs. The intention was to set them up but it didn’t happen.

And I thought that was the end of it. But somehow, we ended up into a long conversation spending hours chatting by the piano room of the Yule Ball event. We added each other on discord and now we always find time to chat and play together on weekends even if we’re 10 hours apart.

Since frogs were pretty much the reason that we met each other, our valentines date was spent taking screenshots of us surrounded by frogs, located three maps west of Prontera, a tranquil and romantic place infested by many many frogs. Perhaps with our newfound amazing and sweet connection with each other, it could be a future with more quests and adventures filled with frogs and frog king hats.




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  • Gamemaster

Great job to all of you who submitted a screenshot with a wonderful story along with it! 

It was a really tough choice to select only three winners but just know all of you are!

The top THREE are the following:

@EvaJun IGN: EvaNesco and MazBasilisk


@lsmforever IGN: Ryker~ and General Ygnizem Cenia


@Sleepywicker IGN: Piercing Arrow and SleepySupports



Make sure to congratulate them! Thank you everyone! 

Winners, please send me a message with your costume of choice!

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