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From June onwards, players will be able to take part in a variety of BotN instances. starting with this month's Baby: Tower of Mischief. Unlike regular ToM, the instance will differ to cater to baby classes! Participating group organizers can also book a slot for Mystic Tower, which will continue to run throughout the month and beyond.

Please note that only baby classes are eligible for Baby: Tower of Mischief, and will eventually phase out mid-June to accommodate for several new baby class focused instances, including Divide of Divinities, Ancient Tower, Mystic Tower, War of Valkyrja & Oblivion.


Baby: Tower of Mischief is a spin-off instance streamlined for baby classes, and an extension to Valkyrie: Battle of the Nine's lore. Participating parties make their way through 20 progressively difficult stages, with Loki as your main antagonist. Upon clearing the instance, players will be rewarded with Valkyrie Coins which can be used in the Valkyrie's Bazaar, players can then exchange these for special costumes, items, armaments and consumables!


Mystic Tower is an increasingly difficult gauntlet challenge themed around Valkyrie: Battle of the Nine (episodes 4-6). Participating parties fight their way through 30 stages, with a special boss encounter every 5th stage. These battles function similar to ET, with players being required to defeat mobs on each floor before the door to the next can open. Find out more


  • Players will have 60 minutes to complete either instance as part of a new story arc and unique PvM experience
  • A minimum of 12-24 players will be required to participate (difficulty will scale accordingly)
  • A maximum of two resurrections will be granted in case of a party wipe
  • Individuals will be able to join both B:ToM/MT once a week (with a separate 7 day cooldown). This applies to your forum account
  • The instances will commence (August) and end on a specified date. A new set of dates will follow on a bi-weekly basis
  • Dual clienting is forbidden (bypassing this will result in a ban from all future BotN content)
  • Assigned party leaders must confirm their participation on this thread, along with the instance of their choice


Baby: Tower of Mischief
Clearance Rewards: 30x Valkyrie Coins | 1x Talon Coin

General Challenges


Loki's Adversary (clear in under 45 minutes)
10x Valkyrie Coins

The Legacy (trigger and survive Loki's ultimate attack)
20x Valkyrie Coins + 1x Talon Coin + 1x Victory Box 

Birth of a God (finish the final wave in less than 5 minutes)
20x Valkyrie Coins + 1x Talon Coin + 1x Ancient Branch

Mystic Tower
Clearance Rewards: 20x Valkyrie Coins | 2x Talon Coins | 1x Elysian Key

General Challenges


Divergent (bring four classes from the following lineup: LK/SL/GS/WS/SinX/Stalker/Ninja)
5x Valkyrie Coins

The Duelist (get MVP on all four jitterbug dolls using a melee class*)
*Magic builds are excluded
5x Valkyrie Coins

Thunderclap (find and challenge Thor on stages 21-24)
10x Valkyrie Coins + 1x Talon Coin

Severance (defeat all three valkyrie on the final stage within 5 minutes)
10x Valkyrie Coins + 1x Talon Coin

Great Gospel (finish the instance in under 50 minutes)
10x Valkyrie Coins + 1x Talon Coin

Divine Gospel (finish the instance in under 45 minutes)
20x Valkyrie Coins + 1x Talon Coin




13th August
[ Maikiyoh's Team - B:MT ] 1pm Server Time
[ Killman's Team - MT ] 2pm Server Time
[ Bongo's Team - DT ] 6pm Server Time

27th August
[ Snowrinz' Team - MT ] 3pm Server Time
[ Reb's Team - MT ] 5pm Server Time

28th August
[ Sinshine's Team - MT ] 3pm Server Time
[ Utau's Team - MT ] 4pm Server Time

29th August
[ TheStranger's Team - B:MT ] 1am Server Time
[ Mig's Team - B:TOM ] 3pm Server Time
[ Xin's Team - MT ] 4pm Server Time


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  • Head Gamemaster

War of Valkyrja changes (28/03)

- Castle change for Olrun's path
- Lowered mob density during Olrun's counter attack segment
- Increased timer on Olrun's 'Sealed Fate' final attack
- Slightly reduced melee class damage boosts on the final maps for all three paths
- Several mob adjustments for Sigrun's path
- Removal of Kara's custom AoE attack (triggered via high damage skills)
- Additional reward compensation for failed runs

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  • Head Gamemaster

Quick announcement, after the 11th party leaders will only be allowed to claim one slot a week (choosing either WoV or B:AT). This is to ensure other groups are given an opportunity to schedule a run.

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