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Event | A Flowery Spring Day!

GM Alura

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Hello lovelies! 

The season of bees, flowers and allergies is almost over! Sad, I know! But what a better way to 

say bye to it than our very own Spring screenshot contest! All you have to do is

take a screenshot on the most flowery part of Talon you can find! The more flowers the better! 

The event will end on May 31th 23:00 server time.


. You can have others in the screenshot. However, ONLY the person submitting will be entering the contest. 

. Use THIS polaroid template to submit your screenshot. Simply add the image inside it!

. You may edit the polaroid as you wish. However, the screenshot can ONLY be cropped to fit the template.

. Include your IGN/LVL/Class in your submission post.

. Write a small story of 250 - 500 word max for your flowery picture on your submission post.

This has to be a Spring theme related story, poem, song verse, ect. Make it fun and exciting!

. Include the original screenshot in your post.

❀. Entries will be judged based on the storyline, clothing, environment and overall creativity .❀


All three winners will receive the following rewards:

1. 20521.gif- A May Monthly Costume Box

2. 8900.gif - 6 Talon Coins                           

3. A costume of choice ↴                     

  20922.gif - Caterpillar Rucksack Costume | 20295.gif - Snow Bunny Ears Costume | 20810.gif - Hopping Rabbit Costume          

❀. Have fun and good luck to all of you, lovelies! .❀

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Posted (edited)

This is cool too. /no1

A few questions:

  1. Is the 250 minimum word required, meaning if we weren't able to include the 250 minimum word requirement our entry will not be honored?
  2. Are multiple entries allowed or one entry only per forum account?
Edited by Emerald Pink
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  • Gamemaster
1 hour ago, Emerald Pink said:

This is cool too. /no1

A few questions:

  1. Is the 250 minimum word required, meaning if we weren't able to include the 250 minimum word requirement our entry will not be honored?
  2. Are multiple entries allowed or one entry only per forum account?

Yes, the 250 - 500 minimum word story is required for your entry to be honored. Only one entry per person/forum account. You may have other players in your screenshot, but ONLY the person submitting it will be entering the contest. 

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Hello Good day Admin,

I would just like to clarify, the screenshot can only be cropped but the polaroid Template can be edited?

or the Screenshot can also be enhanced using editing software like photoshop.

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18 hours ago, Senpai Rikku said:

Hello Good day Admin,

I would just like to clarify, the screenshot can only be cropped but the polaroid Template can be edited?

or the Screenshot can also be enhanced using editing software like photoshop.

The screenshot can ONLY be cropped to fit the polaroid template. You can decorate the polaroid as template as you wish which is the one provided. 

14 hours ago, Sal Brielle said:

Hello, how are you? So, to submit an entry, all I have to do is reply here? Thank you.

Yes, you submit your entry here. :)

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Posted (edited)

Sal the Blind


Once upon a time, at Talon Museum. 

In a room filled with white-light flowers.

“What about this one, Sir?” you asked politely.

Tam-Tam the Curator smiled.

Both of you stood facing an old and small painting of Lord Knight.

A Lord Knight in battle mode. A lone guardian of his broken tree house.

“His name is Sal Brielle, that Lord Knight,” Tam-Tam answered. “And, actually, he’s not a real Lord Knight. Great War orphaned Sal. Then, Sal himself decided to live far away from civilization. He loyally defending his solitude, the untouch part of mother earth, like the truest knight. He has been blind since birth, too. And until his death, he only loves Spring.”

“Spring, Sir?”

“Yes. Without truly understand the meaning of love and Spring, and even before I showed up in his broken tree house, Sal the Blind is already, deeply, in love with Spring.”

“Hm. Okay. Tell me more, Sir. If you were to explain the Spring season to a blind person, how would you describe it?”

Tam-Tam the Curator nodded slowly.

“First, I shall take them to sit in the maternity ward of a hospital and listen to all kinds of crying coming from new people, young people, and old people.

“Afterwards, we will go to the nearest preschool and listen to kids laughing and playing with not a single care in the world.

“Later, we'll go to Prontera, taking in the sharp scent of wonderful melting pot, and the magical cling and clang.

“Then we'll stop by a diner and share a glass of milk.

“Next, a funeral home. We'll sit in the corner and listen to the ritualistic chanting and praying and occasional sniffing.

“And then, at the end of the day, I'll take them to a secluded place, a quiet place, Sal’s broken tree house … and tell them:

“This is Spring.”






Hey, thanks for reading! It's more like serious flash fiction than poem (orz). Anyway, words count: 313.


My IGN: Sal Brielle (but I'm not the one in the story, I'm not blind. Actually, I'm Sal Brielle XIII. Family secret, my great-great-great Grandfather mated with Spring Goddess, and that's why I'm here right now)

LVL: 99

Class: Lord Knight


Original SS


Edited by Sal Brielle
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Posted (edited)

IGN: DeliciousGreenApple
99/70 High Priest


Resplendent Bloom


As the last day of spring draws to a close, I found myself in a precarious situation
Wandering back and forth around an unfamiliar location
Negligence borne from my hubris was the reason
That i lost myself in this unknown region.

Lost was I, within the labyrinthine Mt Mjolnir Forest
A simple alchemist in search of rare and unique ingredients.
Exhausted and lost finding the way back, tried my best
Only myself to blame, my cursed inexperience.

In search of a way home I came across a curious sight
A crimson flower of gargantuan size
It’s great petals thick enough to impede sunlight
I could not believe my eyes.

It’s stem thick enough to be mistaken for the trunk of a tree
Seemingly sturdy enough to withstand a mighty gale
The great flower, a nectar filled holy grail
An amount that would make a sweet-tooth squeal with glee.

Recalling a legend passed on by the locals to their children
Overheard it time and time again as I passed by
A legendary breed of flower, a wonder the forest has hidden
Never had I imagined it was real, as I let out a sigh.

Legends speak of a wondrous blossom of great size and beauty
A spectacular bloom borne once every one hundred years.
Stories abound of the mere sight of it moving people to tears
To find one would be a once in a lifetime event, truly.

Petals the texture of the finest silk garments,
It’s sweet, intoxicating aroma overpowering the finest perfume.
Potent nectar said to cure any and all ailments,
Rumoured to even bestow immortality, this rare bloom.

Beings of all walks of life, be they human, animal, monster or anything between,
All marvel at this, the natural world’s artful masterpiece.
Looming amongst the vast and lush verdant green,
Standing tall as a herald of tranquillity, beauty and peace.

Whether by luck or happenstance, a familiar sight caught my eye
A falcon of my friend's soaring high above the sky
Looking back at the great blossom, a feeling of wistfulness came over me
Never did i imagine finding this treasure once again was never meant to be.

Mustering all the strength i could spare, i ran fervently hoping to gain it's attention
Darting around dense foliage and tall trees waving and yelling
For the falcon to notice me was my intention
Feeling faint and dehydrated, my muscles aching.

I awoke in a bed, back in the nearby town of Aldebaran
My hunter friend spotted me as i ran
He had safely brought me back to the town
After collapsing as i ran and fell down.


Tis’ been an age since I recalled my fateful meeting with this flower
Never again that natural wonder did i encounter
As i reside in my simple hovel, holed up in my room
Reminiscing about that wondrous flower; reminiscing under a spring shower
The flower that was called – the Resplendent Bloom

Word count: 490 including title

Original Screenshot




Edited by DeliciousGreenApple
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Posted (edited)

IGN : ExtremeDark
LV : 75
Class : Assassin Cross


Due to the horrify MVP Baphomet appear in the Ragnarok world, Ray has been chosen as one of the Assassin in-charge of hunting the MVP.

Ray must choose between his wonderful family or be loyal to his country and be a bravery man, he chose to be loyal and promised his wife, Jane he will return no matter what. 

So on the spring, he handed her a fresh bouquet. Promised her, he will one day appear infront of her, holding the same fresh bouquet and once again return to her. 

And he left. Never turn back. Never return.

Jane wipes her tears during spring season and sing:


Waking up with a kiss from the sun

Know you would do the same

telling me good morning and you love me

This is love, nothing less

Wish my heart gave me a warning

In this wonderful spring

You would return to me once again


I planted all the flowers you gave me

Blue yellow red and pink

And now they grow to be my accompany

Together awaiting for your return

They will grow big

So you could find your way home when you see them

We are here

Always here

Waiting for your return

From your adventure to Ragnarok 

Praying for you

I miss you, always 



Inform by GM to put polaroid and found a place even suit the theme
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Posted (edited)

IGN: Satomi Yamamoto  99 HW



A Dedication to the Goddess of The Spring 




As the winds of winter had gone by;

And the breeze of spring has blown so high.

Here comes Proserpina, a Goddess so bright

On her carriage of flowers, rainbows and light!


Tis the Mayday for us to rejoice

For your mother, Great Demeter has found her voice

Sow the seeds, till the fields, reap the yield.

For spring is here, let us spill the mead!


Hail oh Goddess we summon thee

Open our eyes, your beauty, let mere mortals see.

In your wake tow spring and growth

Moisten the lands before summer’s drought.


Hail oh Goddess we implore you~

Let the barren lands, be of flowers that bloom.

Touch the dead plants with your hands so dainty

So the produce and zeny will come so plenty.


Hail oh Goddess, to you we are most grateful!

For season of bunnies and florals so graceful.

For season of growth, beginnings and being just youthful,

For you – Proserpina has made everything delightful.


For the winter’s end comes your soft warmth

For less layers in clothes of not just one month

For cute outfits, cute hats and the cute boys

For snow no more but more joyful noise!


For spring your season, has finally came

For summer is next, and none of the same

Of the the Amazing Race, no moment too lame

Cute hats and gears – yes, please make it rain!


Proserpina you may just be one deity

As your avid follower, ever fervent, never lightly

May you live forever in my ladies’ beauty –

As there is no number with more power than three.


*262 word count poem~

Original Screenie here:




Edited by Satomi Yamamoto
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IGN: ~~Rikku~~
Job: Stalker
Base Level: 94
Job Level: 62


Spring is here. Summer is there.

Say Good bye from snow.

Say hello where flowers grow.


Spring, Spring is over soon.

The smell of flowers that blooms.

Love and Laughter is the best sunshine.

The birds sing us a lullaby.

Music in the ears that sounds bright.

Bright, bright, brighter like your smile.

The Smile that gives us light, glowing upon us every time.


This wonderful time of spring.

We will start a new beginning.

It is the season where we start to grow

The season of spring, it’s time to go

Summer is here, let’s make it clear.

With the friendships formed and good times shared.

For all the people that I cared.


A life well lived is a legacy.

The joy & pleasure playing with you is a lasting memory.

Playing Talon RO, it makes me happy.

Meeting new friends and creating new memory.


The Adventure of Rikku, still remains.

The hours she spent playing in the game.

In Prontera, Splendide, they are all the same.


People in Talon RO are all friendly.

But sometimes they are all busy.

Leeching, Vending & most of the time farming.

Obtaining zeny for them is everything.


Spring in our hearts is a poem I wrote.

To thank all the people who helped me grow.

The time that you helped me to get better

The memories we shared together.

A wonderful spring has come to an end.

Our journey continues till the end.


Time passes like the wind.

Soon, Spring will come again.

A Spring which everyone enjoys.

The SPRING IN OUR HEARTS that will give us joy.





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  • Gamemaster

Thank you to everyone who participated on the event! 

Good luck to you all and winners will be announced soon to welcome Summer!

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