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PvM | Distortion Tower

GM Lance

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Distortion Tower is an increasingly difficult gauntlet challenge themed around Valkyrie: Battle of the Nine (episodes 7-9). Participating parties fight their way through the world of distortion, with a special boss encounter after clearing each stage. 

Upon clearing the instance, players will also be rewarded with Valkyrie Coins and special Valkyrie Tokens which can be used in the Valkyrie's Bazaar, where players can exchange them for special costumes, items, armaments and prizes!

Valkyrie: DT will be available to all players, with a weekly cooldown. A new set of dates will be posted each week so be sure to keep an eye on the thread to ensure you secure a timeslot. For more information on BotN, you can visit the website by clicking here.


  • This instance will be similar to Endless Tower / Wave Challenge, but with Valkyrie themed mobs and MVPs
  • An assigned party leader must confirm their participation on this thread
  • Minimum party setup is (12) with a max of up to (24). Rewards are based per individual upon completing stage 10 and above
  • Players will have 60 minutes to clear the gauntlet challenge
  • Upon clearing Distortion Tower, players will acquire an Elysian Key giving you access to a post-game dungeon (Elysian Garden)
  • The instance will commence and end on specified dates. A new set of dates will follow on a weekly basis
  • Individuals will only be able to join DT once a week (6-7 day cooldown). The cooldown applies to your forum account
  • Dual clienting is strictly forbidden
  • If we suspect a player abusing cooldowns, we will remove you from all future Valkyrie instances indefinitely
  • A maximum of two resurrections will be granted in case of a party wipe


Instance Rewards
20x Valkyrie Coins + 2x Talon Coins + Elysian Key + Valkyrie Tokens

Challenge Rewards

Stalwart (bring a maximum of two snipers to your party)
10x Valkyrie Coins

Stormbreaker (defeat all of Kara's rudiments before the timer runs out)
10x Valkyrie Coins

Legerity (reach the bottom of the mausoleum in under 15 minutes)
10x Valkyrie Coins

Incursion (kill Dark Thanatos before stepping inside Olrun's distortion)
10x Valkyrie Coins

Mettle (get MVP on all three Valkyrie using a melee class*)
*Only applies to the final stage (Classes applicable: Champ/LK/SinX/Stalker/WS)
10x Valkyrie Coins + 1x Talon Coin + 1x Old Victory Box

Aurora Gospel (finish the instance in under 55 minutes)
10x Valkyrie Coins + 1x Talon Coin + 1x Ancient Branch




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  • Head Gamemaster

Due to our mid-month patch being pushed back for July, Distortion Tower will be paused until further notice.

If you wish to reserve your slot for Mystic Tower instead, leave a response on this thread by the 22nd June.

For all challenges/rewards related to Mystic Tower, please revert to this link

Apologies for any inconvenience caused!

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