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The Amazing Summer Race 2016 Summer Event

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7 hours ago, Black Metal said:

whats the loyal bonus of angry penguin? cant find it in itemdb

thx =)

Iirc, Increase the effect Heal and potion pitchie, i forgot how many % thou /gawi

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4 hours ago, SK2 Sakaray Skylee said:

anyone know what the hair and clothes palettes looks like?

if you curious buy it ;)

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The color palettes and hair are at a fairly decent price considering the price of the box ;)
Those who open them take a share of risk...

The price of the box have dropped, the Flame Muffler will also drop :) . I had seen it at 500M last week, completely crazy these prices. The other years the costumes did not exceed 250-300M

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Don't slam your keypad if you bought the palettes and the effect not even worth 10m or less.

Guess you miss the Seraph costume buyer, 1bris or 1 meg + more than 250 million cant remember
Last 2 years perhaps, can't recall 

TRO priority = costumes 

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The real question to me is... Are those palette packs for your whole forum account or one specific game account? That's the breaking point for me between complete and utter disinterest or highly interested.

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2 hours ago, Sinshine said:

The real question to me is... Are those palette packs for your whole forum account or one specific game account? That's the breaking point for me between complete and utter disinterest or highly interested.



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I got em, they're pretty decent and they do stand out from the current palettes. You unlock them on one character and your whole game account get them unlocked. They aren't forum account bound, so if you want them somewhere else, you'd have to unlock it again on another game account. That said, I they aren't worth the price some people are charging for them...50m? dream on, rofl.

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Auras are different. GMC boxes take a lot more effort and time to get than summer race boxes. Also, you can simply buy a summer box and try your luck, you gotta work for GMC ones by yourself. So I can see them being that expensive.

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1 hour ago, Restless said:

Auras are different. GMC boxes take a lot more effort and time to get than summer race boxes. Also, you can simply buy a summer box and try your luck, you gotta work for GMC ones by yourself. So I can see them being that expensive.

Agree 100%

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More news on the color palettes. It looks like they have some highlights to some of the original colors. And some are more bold. I got the violet purple color I have been wanting for my high priestess but couldn't find in the normal palette selection. The gold in the special selection is also embossed or highlighted, which makes it look more natural. One thing I am wondering about, the first four are the same color. For high priestess, it's pink, pink, pink, and more pink, no variation in trim or a shade darker or light. Is it possible that when mounted, the mount has a different color?

Okay, checked this on gypsy. Apparently, on high priestess, 0-3 are the same color. But, on gypsy, 0-35 all vary. 


purple nyn.jpg

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Full List of Prizes

Basic Box Advance Box
  1. Beach Manteau[1]
  2. Beach Sandals
  3. Bell Pigeon Costume
  4. Blue Cherry Blossoms Costume
  5. Cloth Palette Pack
  6. Drooping Lif Costume
  7. Face Crusher Costume
  8. Fashionable Glasses Costume
  9. Galapago Cap Costume
  10. Galapago Egg
  11. Hanging Lunatic Ears Costume
  12. Happy Parrot Costume
  13. Jejeling Egg
  14. Old Card Album
  15. Old Orange Box
  16. Old Purple Box
  17. Pandaring Egg
  18. Penguin Cap Costume
  19. Pretty Bear Costume
  20. Rune Cloth Circlet Costume 
  21. Sombrero Costume
  22. Summer Event Suit
  23. Sunglasses Costume
  24. Sunglasses Cap Costume
  25. Tail Hat Costume
  26. Toucan Egg
  27. Twin Margaret Costume
  28. Vacation Hat Costume
  29. Whistle Costume
  1. Angel Marcher Hat Costume
  2. Angry Penguin Egg
  3. Beach Towel
  4. Blue Rear Ribbon 
  5. Celestial Circle Costume
  6. Flame Muffler Costume
  7. Flying Galapago Costume
  8. Hair Palette Pack
  9. Happy Summer Ribbon Costume
  10. Jeje Cap Costume
  11. Magnificent Pirate Hat Costume
  12. Mermaid Egg
  13. Pouring Egg
  14. Protection Feathers Costume
  15. Sedora Egg 
  16. Seraph Wing Helm Costume
  17. Seraphim Coronet Costume
  18. Survival Orb Costume
  19. Valhalla Idol Costume
  20. Waltz Of Flowers Costume (Account Bound)
  21. White Rose Princess Costume
  22. Wild Rider Egg

Total of 51

Based on https://share.talonro.com/Events/Summer2017/#summer


It means 3 of the above listed is not included OR some of the item listed is not include and still lacking


Edited by Ellie Valentine
hair n cloth palette wrong box
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I got the hair palette from the basic box, also I believe it was said that both palette types appear in basics and advanced. And I think one of my guildies said that jeje cap was demoted to basic boxes as well (not 100% sure about that).

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    • By cuteologist
      It’s easy to get 190 ASPD in the server because of items like Valkyrie Helm and Doppelganger Card. So, I asked myself, “Hmm there should be some other way to exploit this max attack speed aside from going full Rambo with Turtle General Cards.”
      And after some experimenting, I came up with a build that relied on procs.
      Procs? What’s that?
      You know, when you trigger the items with descriptions like “5% chance to cast Skill A when attacking” or “Has a small chance to cast Skill B when receiving physical damage,” it’s called a proc.
      I figured that the 190 ASPD is a good opportunity to maximize proccing.
      The build I’m going to share with you guys is for a dual wielder assassin cross, but technically the build can work on other classes, like lord knights. But I think the assassin cross is the best for the build because it can equip two weapons.
      Two weapons = more slots for customization.

      Pictured above: A super proccer Assassin Cross in action. You can't even see her anymore.
      Advantages of being a super proccer assassin
      You are a special snowflake – You are not just another critical katar or dual dagger assassin. You are very different, and trust me, you leave a unique impression from the players that see you attack. You are flashy as hell – With maximum attack speed, you will proc a lot of skills. It is a joy to behold if you have /effect on. Also, be ready with a lot of “woah,” “omg,” “what’s your weapon,” and “can I view” reactions from others. It’s very easy to reach 190 ASPD with no points in Agility – If you want to, you can ignore Agility and still have 190 ASPD. And that means more stat points for Strength and other attributes. You can almost disable enemies – With max attack speed, Double Attack, and procs, you can almost hit-lock enemies and practically disable them. You can even kill some Asura champions before they can one-punch you in PVP. You have multiple elements at your disposal – Included in the build are four different elemental attacks, namely fire, water, wind, and earth. Even just for procs, you can have elemental advantage.  
      Disadvantages of being a super proccer assassin
      You will rely on procs for maximum damage – In order to deal the maximum damage possible for this build, you have to rely on chance. You are not in control. The damage is not instant – Because you rely on chance, the damage is not instant, unlike Sonic Blow, Soul Breaker, and other skills that other assassin cross builds excel at. It takes a while to kill certain mobs – Because your damage is not instant, you are not exactly the most efficient damage dealer. Moving targets can be a pain – As said earlier, you can almost disable enemies. The keyword there is “almost.” Fast moving targets like lord knights wearing Sleipnirs can be very problematic in PVP. If your skills don’t proc immediately, they can escape fast and retaliate with Spiral Pierce. You’re not exactly in demand for high-end content – You will likely not be able to join random high-end parties, like for GMC and ET. But assassins in general are not in demand for such parties anyway.
      Pictured above: Not very impressive numbers, but hey, you hit fast.
      Proccing with Elemental Sword
      The core item for the build is the Elemental Sword, a one-hand weapon that can proc Level 3 Cold Bolt, Level 3 Fire Bolt, Level 3 Lightning Bolt, and Level 3 Earth Spike at a 5% chance.
      No, the bolts don’t proc individually. Technically, it is only the Cold Bolt that procs at a 5% chance. But the Colt Bolt will 100% proc the Fire Bolt, and the Fire Bolt will 100% proc the Lightning Bolt, and the Lightning Bolt will 100% proc the Earth Spike.
      In other words, you only need to proc the Cold Bolt to start this bolt chain.
      Increasing proccing chances of Elemental Sword
      But you don’t just use an Elemental Sword alone. 5% chance is not that high, even on 190 ASPD. You have to complement your Elemental Sword with other proccing items to truly maximize your potential.
      A good idea is to have gears that proc bolts. If these gears proc and you are using an Elemental Sword, the bolt chain will be triggered.
      For example, if you are using an item that procs Cold Bolt, your Elemental Sword will 100% proc a Fire Bolt, and that Fire Bolt will 100% proc a Lightning Bolt, and that Lightning Bolt will 100% proc an Earth Spike.
      Elemental Sword always procs these skills in that order. So, if you are using an item that procs Lightning Bolt, your Elemental Sword will not proc Cold Bolt and Fire Bolt, but only an Earth Spike.
      Cold Bolt > Fire Bolt > Lightning Bolt > Earth Spike
      So technically, if you have items that proc bolts, you are increasing the chances of your Elemental Sword proccing its bolt chain.
      Searching for items that can increase the proccing chances of Elemental Sword
      So, you should now look for items that proc bolts. How do you do this?
      Go to the TalonRO Item Database and enter “coldbolt,” “firebolt,” “lightningbolt,” or “earthspike,” in the Item Script tab. Yes, there should be no space. It’s “coldbolt” not “cold bolt.”

      For your convenience, I’ve listed some of the most useful among these items.
      Alchemy Glove [1] (Accessory) – Has a 3% chance of proccing Level 5 Fire Bolt when attacking.
      Gazeti Card (Accessory) – Has a 10% chance of proccing Level 2 Cold Bolt when attacking.
      Kasa Card (Garment) – Has a 2% chance of proccing Level 5 Fire Bolt / Level 5 Fire Ball when attacking.
      Thunderstorm Cloud (Upper Headgear) – Has a 2% chance of proccing Level 5 Lightning Bolt / Level 5 Thunderstorm when attacking.
      Vanilmirth Hat (Upper Headgear) – Has a 1% chance of proccing Level 1 Cold Bolt / Level 1 Fire Bolt / Level 1 Lightning Bolt.
      Combining the items that can increase the proccing chances of Elemental Sword
      You can combine these items as you please until you can come up with a combination that suits your play style.
      Personally, I do not use Kasa Card, Thunderstorm Cloud, and Vanilmirth Hat. This is because they are in very competitive gear slots. The Kasa Card is slotted in a garment, so that means I won’t be able to use a Deviling Card or a Lord of Death Card.
      Thunderstorm Cloud and Vanilmirth Hat are upper headgears, so that means I won’t be able to use a Kaho.
      I think these items are not worth it.
      The most efficient among these items are the Alchemy Glove and the Gazeti Card. Alchemy Glove is an accessory and the Gazeti Card is an accessory card. So, they only take up one of your gear slots. The increase in proc chances makes them worth it.
      So, let’s examine what we have so far:
      Elemental Sword – 5% chance to proc Level 3 Cold Bolt, which will 100% proc Level 3 Fire Bolt, which will 100% proc Level 3 Lightning Bolt, which will 100% proc Level 3 Earth Spike.
      Alchemy Glove – 3% chance to proc Level 5 Fire Bolt, which will 100% proc Level 3 Lightning Bolt, which will 100% proc Level 3 Earth Spike.
      Gazeti Card – 10% chance to proc Level 2 Cold Bolt, which will 100% proc Level 3 Fire Bolt, which will 100% proc Level 3 Lightning Bolt, which will 100% proc Level 3 Earth Spike.
      So, according to rough math only, you have a chance to proc a bolt chain from your Elemental Sword at an 18% rate (By adding up the raw chances of Elemental Sword, Alchemy Glove, and Gazeti Card). With 190 ASPD, it procs a lot.
      Note: I’m sure proc chances don’t add up this way, but whatever. We need something to work with.
      Searching for other proccing items that can complement your bolts
      We are done with the Elemental Sword and its bolt chain. Now let’s complement your auto-bolts with other proccing items for additional damage (and flashiness).
      To search for more proccing items, go to the TalonRO Item Database again and enter “when attacking” in the Item Description tab. For a more general search, you can also enter “bautospell” in the Item Script tab.

      Again, I’ve compiled some of the most useful items for your convenience.
      Garm Card (Armor) – Def +10. Good with Garm Baby Card combo.
      Garm Baby Card (Weapon) – Has a 5% chance to cast Frost Diver when attacking. The chance increases to 30% when equipped with a Garm Card.
      Lord Knight Card (Headgear) – Has a 5% chance to cast Level 5 Joint Beat when attacking.
      Metaller Card (Weapon) – Has a 5% chance to Silence target when attacking.
      Owl Baron Card (Accessory) – Has a 3% chance to cast Level 1 Lex Aeterna when attacking.
      Owl Duke Card (Accessory) – Has a .3% chance to cast Level 3 Impositio Manus on yourself when attacking. When combined with Owl Baron Card, has a 2% chance to cast Level 5 Lightning Bolt when attacking.
      Savage Babe Card (Weapon) – Has a 5% chance to Stun target.
      Valkyrie Randgris Card (Weapon) – Has a 4% chance to cast Level 1 Dispell when attacking. Increases attack by 10%.
      Combining the items that can complement your bolts
      Again, you can combine these items as you please until you can come up with a combination that suits your play style.
      Personally, I only use the Garm Baby Card and Garm Card combo, for the whopping 30% chance to proc Frost Diver.
      Also, in PVP, most people have high VIT, high INT, or gears that can prevent statuses like Silence and Stun. So, the items that proc statuses are not worth it for me.
      The Owl Baron – Owl Duke combo is also out of the question because I am already using a Gazeti Card in one of my accessories.
      But again, you’re free to use the items you like.
      Let’s examine what we have if we add the Baby Garm – Garm combo in our build:
      Elemental Sword, Alchemy Glove, and Gazeti Card – 18% chance for bolts.
      Baby Garm Card and Garm Card – 30% chance for Frost Diver.
      So again, speaking on rough math only, you have a 48% chance to proc something.
      Note: Again, I’m sure proc chances don’t add up this way. I’m just trying to show you how proc chances can build up and trigger a lot.
      Some observations (that may be wrong)
      The statements enumerated below are just based on my observations. I didn’t conduct formal tests where I could count the number of attacks I make and compare the number of procs.
      Because of this, some of these statements may be wrong, so take them with a grain of salt.
      Two (or more) skills can proc on the same single attack – I’ve observed that the Elemental Sword’s bolt chain and Garm Baby Card’s Frost Diver can proc at the same time. But it’s really hard to say for sure because it’s hard to follow 190 ASPD. The procs don’t cause any animation delay – I’ve also observed that the proccing of skills don’t cause animation delays, so I can consistently attack enemies with 190 ASPD despite raining down some bolts and sending some Frost Divers. I’m pretty sure this will depend on the skill. For example, I think proccing Sonic Blow from Injustice Card will give you an animation delay and cancel out your attacking. Items that proc the same level of the same skill don’t add up – For example, if you use a Kasa Card (2% chance of proccing Level 5 Fire Bolt / Level 5 Fire Ball) and Alchemy Glove (3% chance to proc Level 5 Fire Bolt) at the same time, your chances of proccing Level 5 Fire Bolt don’t increase to 5%. And no, the items also don’t seem to roll these chances individually.  
      Allocating stat points
      This can be very tricky. Where do you even focus? Do you prioritize STR to rely on your raw attack or INT to maximize auto-bolts?
      I think it’s ideal to find the balance for both, with a little bias toward INT.
      As a transcendent class, you have a lot of stat points to go around. You can max out STR and INT if you like and you can still have stat points for other attributes.
      I’m personally not a fan of Agility, so I put all my remaining points on VIT and DEX, but way more on VIT.
      Here are the stats I personally use, but I change them from time to time to suit my needs.
      STR – 60 plus without bonuses
      AGI – 1 without bonuses
      VIT – 80 plus without bonuses
      INT – 80 plus without bonuses
      DEX – 40 plus without bonuses
      LUK – 1 without bonuses
      Sometimes I add more STR, about 80 plus without bonuses. Sometimes I go AGI instead of VIT because Flee can be very useful in solo PVM. I also usually run with 1 DEX to have more stat points to distribute while in PVM. Then add more DEX only when going into PVP.
      The only attribute that has been consistent for me is INT. I usually have a total of 120 all the time.
      But you don’t have to follow this stat distribution. You can experiment on your own until you find what works best for you. After all, everything can change depending on the gears you use.
      Gearing up
      The gears I’ve enumerated below are the ones I personally use. I also included the reasoning behind them.
      Lord Kaho’s Horn – STR+ 20 INT+ 20. Yeah.
      Any mid with STR+ 1 (Bloody Knight) – I am usually running on 60 plus base STR, so the damage bonus is useful. High Wizard and Lord Knight Cards also seem interesting. But I haven’t tried them with this build.
      Pussy Cat Bell – Items like Pirate Dagger and Gentleman’s Pipe have almost negligible bonuses. PCB is the best you can get.
      Any armor with INT+ 3 (Garm) – I use this for the Garm Baby combo. DEF+ 10 also stacks well with Pussy Cat Bell. I use a Glittering Jacket because of the high def, but you can also use a Dragon Vest for the Dragon Set combo. But who really uses a Dragon Vest (Garm)?
      Any over-upped dagger (Phreeoni / Incantation Samurai / Garm Baby) – I use Phreeoni Card so I can run on 1 DEX for most PVM maps, Incantation Samurai Card for additional Soul Breaker damage (Turtle General is better for auto-attacking, but I just really want the Soul Breaker boost as a finisher for escaping players in PVP), and Garm Baby Card for the Frost Diver proc. If you are using a four-slotted weapon, you can double the Turtle General Card if you want.
      Elemental Sword (3 Doppelgangers) – Three Doppelganger Cards are actually an overkill. But my reasoning behind this is that I don’t use Agility to improve ASPD. I’m just not a fan of Flee. I prefer pumping my VIT instead. (I still use Flee though on PVM, so yeah, three Doppels are an overkill indeed). You can replace one of the Doppels with a Turtle General if you want.
      Any garment (Deviling / Lord of Death) – I think using a proccing card like the Kasa Card is not really worth it here. I just use Deviling for general use and Lord of Death for special situations, like PVP.
      Any footgear (Lady Tanee) – I use this because I prefer to run on VIT. I have like a bonus of 10% ATK and 10% MATK. But Dark Lord is also an interesting idea. No, you don’t need GEC.
      Alchemy Glove (Gazeti) – You will be disappointed if you use Elemental Sword alone as a bolt proccer. You need extra proccers, and that’s where Alchemy Glove with Gazeti Card comes in. Yes, it’s better than stat-boosting accessories like Celebration Rings.
      Celebration Ring – I believe another proccing item in this slot will take away too much stats. I settled for a Celebration Ring here.

      Pictured above: My gears and one of the many variations of stat allocations I use. Take note that I have Job Level 60, so I still lack some bonus stat points.
      General guide to killing
      PVM – The super proccer assassin cross is a point-and-click kind of attacker. But personally, it’s never boring. It’s a joy to see all the procs. You can run on AGI or VIT, depending on your preference. Most of the time, you can also pull off a 1 DEX build because of Phreeoni Card.
      PVP – Use Poison React for additional proccing. It procs Envenom when you are hit. Go Cloaking and target players that don’t wear shields, like snipers and fellow assassin crosses. Depending on the situation, you can also kill champs and generally tanky classes like lord knights.

      Pictured above: Killing some guy in PVP with auto-attack and procs
      That’s it! You now know how to build your own super proccer assassin cross. You can experiment on different items, such as those that proc skills, statuses, and other effects. If you have a lot of them, one of them will eventually proc with your 190 ASPD.
      I can’t say this enough – you don’t need to follow everything mentioned in this guide. There are so many combinations that you can experiment on.
      These are some of the aspects of this guide that you should seriously be doubtful of:
      Using VIT instead of AGI Not using DEX Slapping three Doppels into your Elemental Sword Using a Mes that only has three slots (and not having any other dagger for specialized maps and mobs!) Using Incantation Samurai instead of Turtle General The above are just my personal preferences, and I’m sure, with enough experimenting and researching in the Item Database, you can come up with a more efficient and powerful combination for your super proccer assassin cross.
      Good luck!