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PvM | Warfare

GM Lance

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Welcome to 'Warfare'. A new event challenge conceptualised by the community! Two teams will go head-to-head in a full scale battle to claim their rightful mark as MVP kings and queens. Team Aqua of Geffen versus Team Vermilion of Prontera. Party leaders are required to gather a team of 12 and signup via the thread below. Prior to the event, the GMs will draft each team to their respective bracket in a tournament knockout stage format (using a random number generator). 

Once the teams are drafted, players will have an opportunity to recon the map as well as the MVPs they will be fighting. For further information, please review our rules before opting in. As always we are open to feedback and suggestions -- so don't hesitate to reach out!


  • Party leaders must include their team name as well as a total of 8-12 players to be eligible for entry 
  • Once all teams have been drafted into the tournament, party leaders of each bracket will need to liaise a suitable date with one another before confirming their times on this thread. Please note that the event must conclude before the end of September
  • During the event, both teams will fight their own MVPs (highlighted by a letter corresponding to your bracket allocation). The team who successfully defeats the most MVPs will be victorious and move onto the next round
  • Each team will be facing off against the same 10 MVPs (a list of what you'll be fighting is highlighted below)
  • We will use a random number generator to distribute teams fairly for the tournament bracket. As this event is still in its infancy stages, we strive to improve the mechanics based on numerous testing and player feedback
  • Dual clienting is not permitted, and you must remain in one team throughout the tournament. Anyone caught breaking these rules will have their team forfeited immediately
  • Please notify us at least 3 days before the event in case of any cancellations / drop-outs. Failure to do so will remove you from all future Warfare events
  • If any content creator wishes to stream this event, please get in contact with either myself or GM Alura on Discord to discuss scheduling and compensation
  • The competition will start (6th September onwards), winners of the finals to be announced same day








1st Place Reward:
4x Talon Coins
1x Ancient Branch
1x Monthly Costume Box
100x Valkyrie Coins

2nd Place Reward:
2x Talon Coins
1x Bloody Branch
1x GM Box
50x Valkyrie Coins

Participation Reward:
1x Talon Coin | 1x Bloody Branch | 100x Deadly Branches | 10x Valkyrie Coins

Future Prizes:
Prizes are subject to change for future renditions of 'Warfare', including bespoke costumes and beta access to exclusive PvM content



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1 slot please!

Available on these time/dates in order of preference:

1) Sat 1600-700hrs Servertime

2) Sun 1600-1700hrs Servertime 

3) Weekday 030-0400hrs servertime

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  • Head Gamemaster

Quick update from our end. If we fail to secure two more teams by Thursday, we'lll be cancelling the event and relaunch with 8 teams instead.

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  • Head Gamemaster

Warfare will relaunch on Sunday - 4pm server time.

Participants will need to post (again) on a first come first serve basis.

The new tournament bracket will host 8 teams moving forward!

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