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Event | Trick or Treat!

GM Alura

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🕸. It's the most spoopiest time of the year! .🕸

An earie and ominous feeling kicks in as October nights arrive. Scary stories,

horror movies, killer costumes start appearing every where you go. Cobwebs and pumpkins around every corner! 

Halloween is almost here! Let's start celebrating it with our very own screenshot contest.

All you have to do is dress up in your most ghoulish and frightening costumes, go to the darkest

and sinister place and take a screenshot!

The event will end on - October 31st 23:00 server time.


🎃. You can have others in the screenshot. However, ONLY the person submitting will be entering the contest. 

🎃. Use THIS polaroid template to submit your screenshot. Simply add the image inside it!

🎃. You may edit the polaroid as you wish. However, the screenshot can ONLY be cropped to fit the template.

🎃. Include your IGN/LVL/Class in your submission post.

🎃. Write a scary story of 250 - 500 word max for your menacing screenshot on your submission post.

🎃. Include the original screenshot in your post.

🎃. ONE entry per person.

👻.Entries will be judged based on the storyline, clothing, environment and overall creativity.👻


1st place 20770.gif x 1 Walking Black Cat Costume  

2nd place 21289.gif x 1 Durumagi Costume | 3rd place 20917.gif x 1 Gothic Pumpkin Head Costume

🕷️. Credits to @GM Spica for the wonderful banners and template .🕷️

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