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IGN: Kitasinx, lv98 Assassin Cross




It’s something so far from you, something you wouldn’t think of, something that doesn’t relate with you or your friends or your family.
Something that will happen, but in a very distant future.

Something that suddenly hits people around you in ways you can’t understand and won’t accept. It takes away everyone, it grabs out your friends one by one and takes your entire family leaving you alone, an empty man filled with pain and sorrow. An empty soul with no more reason to live. How can you go on?

I’ve tried.
I’ve tried so hard.

I’ve searched for a meaning in all this, left alone and lost in the darkest side of my life, wandering around dead bodies and demons, slaughtering whatever crossed my way. There was only blood and despair in my eyes, my heart was empty and so was my soul, I thought I was lost forever.

Then I saw her.
She came to me.

She found me in all of this madness, she found me covered in blood and pain surrounded by dead bodies.
She wasn’t afraid of me, she didn’t run away, she held out her hand to me.

That was the moment I realized there was still a path for me, there was a way out from the hell I was living for years.
I was not alone anymore, I knew she could help me, I saw hope in her eyes and a warm feeling pervaded me.


She was Death
and I’ve embraced her."



Original screenshot:




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IGN: Not Carla - Lv. 99 High Priest



Deep breath in, and exhale.


The tower looked foreboding, shrouded in the mist, but I’ve done this climb many times in the past. This journey shouldn’t be any different.


A bloody path forms our red carpet, as my friends decimate horde upon horde that stands in the way. Words of encouragement echo across the halls, over the piercing screams of slaughtered demons and monsters. I effortlessly support, as I’ve been trained.

Bolster their strength. Protect them. Resurrect the fallen. Keep them alive, better than alive.


Even when it seems that we’ve been ravaged by the flames, we manage to get up and continue on our way. I take a deep breath in—

—and I struggle to inhale. Oh right, there’s something they don’t know. Something they don’t see.

I stop in my tracks, gathering perturbed glances across the room.


“We’re almost there, let’s keep going?”

“Don’t be scared, I’m here.”, I say calmly

“We’re here to win it all, remember?”


It’s not the hand of fear that tightens my throat, but the small gleam of an anticipated victory. The sight of felling the final guardian and conquering this tower.

In hindsight, I think it was that other thing.


At the top, we summon him. A massive demonic general wielding twin blades, his flames glowing crimson and cerulean.

He calls down meteors, blizzards, splitting the ground into a thousand pieces, but we hold fast. In between shrinking intakes of air, I ensure that our unwavering strength doesn’t falter.


There’s still something I must see.


When the final battle concludes with a swift victory, the battlefield is filled with our cheers. My exterior is serene as I look upon my friends, the guts of hundreds of monsters still fresh on their armor—their smiles glowing with triumph.


I send them home, warping them out of the mist, making sure every last one is safely on their way. My job is done.

As my portal to home faded out, I stayed, feeling my lungs constrict further.


It’s time to face it. I can’t breathe anymore.

Darkness clouds my vision, and I fall to my knees in the cavernous hall.

I’m alone. Somebody, help me.


I blink my eyes open to a world tinted in red. Is that.. my own blood?

I unlatch my rosary and succumb to the suffocating dark forces. My precious accoutrement that belies my unholy secret.

Ah, still locked. I was naïve to think that just one ocean’s worth of spilled demon blood was necessary to lift this curse.

Each step forward brings forth the form of one more that has possessed me, until I’m engulfed in an inverse sea of spirits.


I hear a scythe slice through the air.

They got another one, another to add to my haunting burden.


With my last breath, I scream in despair, realizing how far I am from being free..

..and as my anguished tears finally flow, a chilling, sinister voice whispers behind me.


“Don’t be scared, I’m here.”



Original screenshot:







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IGN: PizZaMonsTa / lvl 99 / HP


__________________________ ~*~ __________________________

I grew up in a small village in the mountains. My family is very traditional – all girls become Soul Linkers, find a partner for life, and support him on his adventures.
I used to be insecure about how I looked and had serious trouble to recognizing myself as pretty. When I turned 20 and still didn’t find a partner, I started to feel anxious.
At that time, I met a very old Professor, traveling the world alone. I was amazed how someone so old could travel like that! She told me the story of the most beautiful woman she ever met – an amazing High Priestess living in a factory for toys up in the cold north. That Priestess was helping every human and creature in need, and the Professor was sure she would be able to help me as well.

It took me 2 weeks to reach the factory. When I entered, I felt happy, hopeful and.. scared … why was I scared? It was warm and cosy, I heard calm and joyful music and all corners of this place were painted in bright colours.

It didn’t take me long to find her. She was sitting gracefully between giant colourful dice. As I approached her, she noticed me and started to smile. Oh my she was really beautiful!

Come closer child. You look like you are freezing! Did you walk up here all alone? Do you want some tea to warm you up and some cookies to fill your stomach?

And she was friendly!

Uhm Miss Priestess.. I heard you can help me. I feel unable to find a partner as I am not beautiful. I wish to become beautiful!” I looked down, I felt ashamed. And that feeling remained, something here scared me.

My child, come closer. There is nothing I can’t fix.

I lifted my head up a little and walked closer. The feeling got stronger and now I noticed that funny sweet smell. It was increasing with every step I took towards her.

Come closer. What are you waiting for child?” She smiled.

I took 1 more step and froze. Wait.. something was wrong. I looked around her, trying to find the answer for that strong scent. Something was behind her, behind the dice. I saw abit of fabric and… a… hand?!

Come closer..

I was unable to move and looked back to her. What was that thing on her back..? Is she even human?

My child..?

When I heard her talking again and saw her head twitching a little, I turned and ran. I ran as fast as I could, and I heard her screaming behind me.

COME BACK! YOU NEED TO COME BACK! GIVE ME YOUR TIME!” her voice changed. I knew it from somewhere..

I must have ran for at least 1 hour when I finally stopped. Now that I started to feel safer and was able to reflect, I remembered it! The voice! It was the voice of the old Professor I met..


__________________________ ~*~ __________________________


original screenshot & bonus:



original screenshot:



polaroid without filter:

I got told, that my entry might not be okay by the rules.
Since I understand the term "edit the polaroid as you wish" as in the full picture with the frame, I belive its fine.. buuuuut others think just the frame can be edited. So here is the polaroid without the shadoweffect - just in case ❤️:





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IGN: Treelore / Level 99 / High Wizard



‘My plans are finally coming to fruition’, thought Treelore as he packed his grimoires and spell ingredients into his dimensional pocket which was sewn onto his cloak.


The plans he thought of involved conjuring his beloved patron, the demon Nimrah’zu the Destroyer. Treelore formed a pact with the demon when he first enrolled in Geffen University. Upon graduating top of his class and awarded the rank of High Wizard, Treelore felt he did not really learn anything useful. You see Warlocks did not exist in this server world. All mages were taught, according to Treelore what he deemed to be cookie-cutter magic. A fixed set of socially acceptable spells approved by the Council of Magic. None of which included the dark arts. So, after 3 years of being forced to learn and master useless spells such as Ganbantein and Gravitation Field, Treelore decided enough was enough. With his newfound title of High Wizard, he decided to pursue his dream of becoming a Warlock through the mysterious and dangerous art of ‘Remote Learning’.


The bloodpact he formed with Nimrah’zu allowed him to speak to the demon through the spell only known as ‘Zo’om’. However due to being separated by a multitude of dimensions which caused latency issues with ‘Zo’om’, Treelore felt like he just was not learning enough at a pace he desired.


Hence, Treelore wanted to conjure his master to this realm to learn all he could directly from the great demon himself. He spent months researching how to conjure a high-ranking demon. All literature pointed out that Nimrah’zu was an arrogant demon who could only be conjured with the offering of a fresh corpse of a High Priest. The cadaver can be used once and only once to summon the demon too!


This presented a huge hurdle to Treelore as High Priests in this realm never seemed to die. Armed with their smorgasbord of buffs and heals they seemed immortal. Even when they do die, they are often resurrected almost immediately by their kin.


When Treelore’s familiar, Sniffles, came to him with news of the death of a High Priest, he was overjoyed. He quickly packed up and set off for the sleepy haunted town of Niflheim, which he admitted was a strange place for a priest to be buried in.


With the aid of Sniffles perched upon his bubblegum pink hair, he soon found the fresh grave of the High Priest. Using one of the few useful spells he learned in university, Earth Spike, he exhumed the coffin containing the High Priest. He then spoke the magic words from memory. The coffin rumbled and shook. The air around him became still, only a distant Dullahan could be heard. ‘He’s late!’, exclaimed Treelore looking at his watch.


Suddenly there was a buzzing in the air. Snap! Crackle! Pop!


A smooth and cool voice was heard. It said calmly ‘You have reached the voicemail of N̵̪̎͑i̵͇̚ͅm̴̲͍͆r̵̡̓a̸̞͊ḩ̶̖͐’̸̥̖̾z̵͇̚͝u̸̙̘͌ ̷̗́ṭ̴̙͋ḩ̷̖̈́ȩ̴̫͑ ̶̘̬͌͠D̶̠̾̓e̶̳̥̊s̴̪̀̕t̷̛̪͌r̵̘̐o̷̜͗̃ȳ̸̨͉ḙ̸͌̽r̶͔͎̽̉, please leave a message after the beep. *Beep*’.


‘Noooooooooooo!’, screamed Treelore.


Original screenshot:




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[ IGN: StrawberryMacaron ]

Class: High Priest / Lvl 99 / Job Lvl: 70


“Ah, a quarter past eight ..” Ichigo said, as she sighed and looked at the time. The lights in her room were all turned off but it was nowhere near her bed time. It felt like a long and silent night for the 13-year-old; as the only thing that accompanied her was the sound of the bedroom clock ticking. Her thoughts couldn’t help but wonder off to the memories that happened three years ago.

It was the month of October when Ichigo received last news about her sister, Fuyu. Her 25-year-old sister was off on a business trip to another city and Ichigo was left alone at home. She didn’t suspect anything out of the ordinary because Fuyu’s working hours has always been demanding. It was when she turned on the TV and found out that the plane Fuyu took crashed into a nearby mountain. It all happened so fast that grieving wasn’t even an option Ichigo had.

At nine, Ichigo turned on her local radio and heard something that piqued her interest. “Tonight’s special! Japan’s number one fortune teller is visiting our local village and tonight’s your last chance!” She didn’t think twice and rushed towards the gate. “I’m an orphan anyways,” she snickered.

Ichigo arrived to what looked like a simple carnival tent, with nothing but a crystal ball inside. “Hi, are you the famous fortune teller, Uyu Ftubag?” The woman that used baggy clothes with sunglasses didn’t reply. Instead, another woman came in the room that seemed to be her assistant replied, “Ask away to the crystal ball, young girl.” Ichigo thought this was suspicious but didn’t think too much about it. “What actually happened to my sister?” Ichigo asked. After a few silent seconds, the room went dark. Just suddenly, the fortune teller chanted some words that were hard to understand.

“Hi, sister. It’s been so long. How are you doing? Please take good care of yourself.”

“Fuyu?!” Ichigo gasped. “Sister! I miss you so bad. Please tell me what actually happened to you? I refuse to believe that plane took you.”

The lights immediately went back on. “Wait! I was just talking to Fuyu! Where did she go?” Ichigo cried.

Ichigo didn’t believe what just happened; to hear her sister’s voice once again. She looked down in rage, confusion and sadness.

“You fake! I don’t believe that Fuyu is dead! Please don’t toy with us, you fake fortune teller!”

Ichigo stood up and grabbed her pocket knife, ran forward to the fortune teller and stabbed the woman in the heart.

“What did you do!” screamed the assistant. “Do you realize what you’ve done?!” Ichigo’s mind went blank and could not believe what she did as the rage overwhelmed her.

“That was your very own sister, Fuyu!” “She was never dead! At the last moment, she gave her ticket to a random teen on the Airport and faked her own death so that her insurance money can go to you, Ichigo!”

“No… no.. no…” were repeated over and over again until it resonated with the sound of the clock ticking.



Ah, what could be scarier than the story of taking your own loved one’s life.

Happy Halloween, everybody!


Original Screenshot:



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IGN: Mythicus / High Priest / Base: 72 / Job: 38



Tears roll down Spero’s face as he kneels on the island pier. Glancing out into the eternal ocean, his moment of tranquillity is interrupted by the piercing pain from his blistered hands. After the events of what Spero refers to as “The Massacre”, it is a miracle he is able to maintain his sanity. However, the endless screams of the villages’ voices echoing in his head drowns out even the roaring waves crashing against the blood-stained rocks. In a moment of desperation, Spero grabs a nearby twig and ruptures one of his blisters on his hand with it. Like Spero’s tears, the liquid oozing from his hand dripping onto the ground darkens the wooden pier. Relieved the echoing screams have ceased, Spero lets out a sigh and closes his eyes.

“Do you know why we named you Spero? Because it means hope!”

Spero fondly remembers the time before “The Massacre”. The villages like to refer him as having the perfect family. There were the occasional arguments, but it was always resolved after a good night’s sleep. However, there was always one recurring argument – Spero’s father’s desire for eternal life and fear of losing this familial happiness. In the end, Spero’s father ventured off the island, into the unknown, in search of eternal life for the family. “I promise I’ll be back.” He says with a sad smile.

Etched into Spero’s mind is also the day of “The Massacre”. The high-pitched cries for help from villages. The extreme heat from Spero’s burning cottage almost causing him to pass out. His desperate attempt to inhale, only causing more vigorous coughing, and subsequently sending hundreds of needles piercing his lungs. However, all these pales compared to what’s right in front of him. Spero’s mother fallen on the floor – her body contorted the opposite direction from the waist down, blood dripping from every orifice, and cuts littering her entire body. Yet, her eyes radiating with brilliance, as if this is not the end. Only muttering the words “Dum Spiro Spero” over and over again. With the remainder of her strength, she pushes Spero into the cottage basement.

Spero opens his eyes. The excruciating pain emanating from his blister ruptured hand is causing it to tremble. Looking out into the vast ocean, Spero can only muster a faint smile and with the last of his strength utter the word “Liar.” He collapses on the pier and the cold embrace of death followed soon after.

A red figure, as if his entire body was drenched in blood, with a jackal head and the grim reaper hovering behind him starts approaching the corpse.

"I'm sorry, my dear son, Spero... The afterlife is the only way."

As the grim reaper creaks into position to impale the corpse, the red figure – like a prayer – whispers:

“Dum Spiro Spero”



Original Screenshot:




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IGN:  Unresolved Pancake / Professor / Level 99






A fire crackled in the distance, and there was soothing jasmine tea to enjoy. The usual way to spend the evening, albeit in a peculiar place. That fateful night in Niflheim Hotel started with simply brushing up on things. A dear friend lent me a Forbidden Tome to read during my stay. She told me I was in for a treat.

Books are friends, in fact they're close friends. The pages reveal glimpses of another's mind, feelings and experiences. And above all, they make you learn things you haven't even dreamed of. Oh, how did I long for knowledge. It would mean an edge in academia, being actually fun at parties and more efficient field trips to... what's its name... Nameless Island. My hands started trembling and slowly picked up the malicious looking book. "It's just to see whether it's a good read. Leaving a review in Yuno Library and all that." But deep down I knew I hungered for the wise words it was bound to contain.




On the very first page, strange glyphs from another world lit up:  ding.png.ecdd7cd2241c516ab6f5206dab3a2b71.png What is this supposed to mean? Do they actually send electronic letters in that world? And why do they use mechanical vehicles instead of Peco Pecos? So much untapped knowledge!

The reading session was suddenly interrupted by the book itself. An eerie voice made itself known, echoing through the Niflheim Hotel: "Ye mortal soul hath read thine part! Now payeth thine price!" The tome grew large fangs and started flying aross the room. I fought and fought to drive it away, but to no avail. Not even my ultimate move, Napalm Beat lv.7, did anything to resolve things. It was clear that this book was out for blood, and I decided to make a run for it. The door was locked...




Without warning it sank its teeth into my cranium and subsequently refused to budge. "Thou hast receiveth the Curse of Life. Maketh use of this knowledge, hee hee hee…" The voice cackled and grew fainter and fainter, until it was finally gone. I was left gasping for air and could only try to make sense of what happened.

Frost Diver!  Abracadabra!  Endow Level 1!  Alas, nothing would remove it. Scorch marks of the recently discovered Spider Web + Firebolt combo are visible to this day, yet the book remains untouched. Help was sought in different places, but not even the combined efforts of Prontera’s priest guild, Yuno's sage guild and the Blacksmiths in Einbroch could lift the curse.



While this accursed book continuously saps me of my vitality, I discovered that robbing someone else's strength added to my own. Instead of a promising life in research, I am now to roam the planet in search of hapless monsters to attack and collecting their valuables to survive. What a cruel, cruel world.








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IGN: NutellaBrownie ~ High Priest ~ 99

(Apology in advance for any misspelling ^_^)


The Night

Tonight is the night!
Where I should go? I ask.
Where I can go  without fright.
On this night that I adore.

Cemetery seems quiet.
Through the graveyard stones.
Just passing by it.

I feel their presence.
Coming for me.
A doll hanging tree.
As spooky as is it could be.
Brought friends.
Bringing me to my sentence.
Left them in their forever evanescence.

Visiting witches town.
Got knocked down.
By a Bloody Murderer.
The perfect torturer.

Woke up in a spooky hospital.
What ever happened there was diabolical.
Poor souls trapped there for eternity.
Getting visitors, little by little.

Almost giving up.
Through the mountains, 
How about I visit the Goblins?
That would be fun!
And so the hunt begun.
I forgot their little guns. 

Once more, changing paths.
Letting my spirits guide me.
To a land of Wraths.
For sure, alone I would be.

Good thing I like to travel.
Exploring and go on a jorney.

There is a huge castle!
I´m sure I would find a place for me.

Could not be more mistaken,
No wonder this castle is forseken.
Where death peeks every corner.
Just me in my baby armour.
Of course my soul was taken.

I rush outside
Where I will not be Spotted.
To find a place I could hide.

Teleporting around.
Not many places applied.
This light doesn´t bring justice to my gown.

Teleporting around once more, 
Letting my SP restore. 
Walking down I see.

This ruins seem perfect!
Let the moon shine take effect.
For a spooky photoshoot.
This perfect night seems to suit.


Sem Título.png


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IGN: In-N-Out / Biochemist / Level 99


“Come back. Even as a shadow, even as a dream.” ― Euripides

They told me it was impossible. That countless scholars before me, each more brilliant than the last, had failed and paid the price for it with their lives. And looking at the person ― no ― at the creature that was slowly materializing into the glowing circle before me, I was struck by the realization that they had been right.
Nothing can be created without a sacrifice of equal value ― equivalent exchange, the one guiding principle that all scholars had drilled into their heads from day one at the Academy. And the value of a human soul... well there were precious few things that came close.
It was funny. You had always been the rule breaker, the one to skip classes in favor of a rare sunny day by the lake. Lighten up, you’d remind me, we have all the time in the world. 
But that hadn’t been quite true had it? One stray bullet during a random fight that had broken out at the borders had easily snuffed your life out of existence, and all at once, the world seemed a little darker.
Monster! They had cried the first time you had gotten caught summoning the soul of your long-dead childhood cat into the body of a campus stray. But you hadn’t been listening to their condemnations, attention caught instead by the twitching tail and limbs of the bloody feline sacrifice. It shuddered once, twice, before slowly blinking one yellow eye open at a time.
This was it, you had thought giddily, you had done it. Those blathering old fools who croaked about the dangers of blood magic were wrong. Nothing had ever felt more right than the rush of adrenaline and power darkly coursing through your veins at that moment. A world of possibilities had opened up, spells that promised eternal youth, magical strength boosters, and of course, ones that bridged the gap between life and death.
It was wartime, so if one or two bodies disappeared in the final counts, it was easy enough for them to be written off as battlefield casualties. You retreated down to the castle cellars. Hardly anyone used them these days, so you were left undisturbed. Memories of you gradually faded from the minds of those still living.
A ghost lives down there, the senior students would whisper to wide-eyed first years, sometimes on a quiet night, if you listen closely, you can hear the screams of their victims.
You were good at what you did, so staring down the barrel of your soon-to-be-last summon prompted a dull feeling of surprise. Blank eyes returned your gaze ― there was no spark of recognition in the once familiar eyes of your dearest friend. 
You saw the flash of the bullet before you heard the BANG! Light flooded the room, bringing back an almost forgotten memory.
We have all the time in the world.
And now we did. Together.




Original Screenshot

Special thanks to Veruxio / Vivi for playing the role of the monster (luckily it was easy enough for him :Teehee:)



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IGN: Memorizing/76/High Priest


Postcard Entry.jpg


               Hi there, I see you are alone here, are you lost? 
               Hmm? you said you aren't lost, are you looking for something? What're you looking for, may be....I have seen it somewhere? Hmm...You look familar to me, but I don't remember you... Ahahaha! My memory is getting worsen surely!
               I am a little bored, let me tell you a story, will ya? Oh, you are not interested? that's too bad.
               Gah... I will just talk about it anyway, or else I would forget everything!
               We all like beautiful appearance, don't you agree?  Just look at witherless rose, it can bloom for eternity and the price just never go down!  There's even people who trade their precious jewelry just to have a collection of the rose!
               But the mages here doesn't want to have the rose, she want the....eternal beauty. That's crazy, don't you agree? She even cooperate with the high wizard just to maintain her beauty!  
              Sigh....The poor soul linker though, she was the target of those crazies~ They were rumored to have eternal beauty, just like the roses~ Oh? you said eternity can be a curse too? Man, you surely have some interesting opinion... 
              Anyway! They started to tricks the ladies especially soul linker to their castle, just to bathe in their blood afterward!  Shuck...poor ladies. I hope they will have better afterlife... But no worries! Their crime was discovered afterward and the mages was banished! It's a great ending isn't it....

               Huh huh huh? Why are you crying?
               Oh...now that I remember, you looked like that soul linker...I...I am sorry I couldn't help..I....

               Ohhh, I know where are you now, sister...I will join you too, shortly...




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  • Gamemaster

Thank you to everyone who submitted their screenshot! 

All of you guys did an amazing job and amazing spoopy stories!

I'll be announcing the winners soon, good luck to all of you! o/

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