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Event | Holiday Cooking Contest 2021

GM Luna

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1 hour ago, GM Luna said:

Please can you also include the GM challenges you have decided to take on.

I have edited the main post to reflect this as it was missing, apologies for that. 


Oh right! I'll edit it adding the ones that make sense for this dish! (I really wanted to create it as a recipe in-game, Alisa Challenge was a nice coincidence :D)

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  • Gamemaster

My mouth is watering so much, each time I visit this topic I just want to eat my phone / computer / iPad /heh

Anyways … *ahum* … After much thought the team and I have decided to extend this event for another week to give players more time to join / existing entries to make any changes.

With that being said, this event will end on the 10th of January at 11pm server time.


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Woo! New cooking entries! It looks like we have some very talented chefs and bakers on the server. They all look so yummy. I love all the twists we have all done to transform a dish into something RO related. I want to eat each one, but also don’t want to ruin the presentation! Very good job to the other contestants, you all nailed it! Pats on the back to all! 

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Hi everyone! I'm posting this pretty late (like always because procrastination /??). To be honest, I was a little self-conscious about posting this after seeing everyone's beautiful, delicious-looking cooking submissions, but I was really inspired by some art I saw in the tRO discord server. For my entry, I wanted to focus on one of the things that I love the most about RO: side stories and hat quests! My entry was based on the Heart Ribbon Hairband quest.



Disclaimer: I took a lot of creative liberties here when coming up with the characterization (plz don't report me /oops). I was inspired by the amazing artwork that was posted in the tRO discord by GM Alura as a gift that she received (not sure who original artist was otherwise I would credit them here.) 


Word count: 1,498 / 1,500

— and that’s how you choose a good spot to hide during Hide and Seek,” Alura finished with a flourish. “Okay,” she clapped her hands together and turned to her audience expectantly, “any questions?”

“Ooh me please, me please, I have one,” Sparky’s hand shot up in the air.

“Yes Sparky?” Alura was expecting a question about coming up with clues for participants or maybe how many rounds to host at a time.

“What should we do if we see someone,” here Sparky’s eyes darted around like he was expecting an eavesdropper to suddenly jump out of the bushes before he leaned in conspiratorially to whisper, “cheating?”

“Cheating?” Shuzi whispered back, her large green eyes widening at the thought. Sparky nodded furiously.

“Wellll— “ Alura started.

“Don’t be weird Sparky,” Quinn jumped in, “how would someone even cheat during Hide and Seek?”

“Well that's—” 

You’re weird,” Sparky shot back immediately. Quinn’s cheeks flushed in anger. 

“Now there are no dumb or weird questions—” Alura tried again.

“Wanna fight?!” Quinn jumped up, her fists balling up at her side. Sparky scoffed and opened his mouth to retort.

“I was born— oof!” Sparky turned to Ophanim, betrayed.

“Both of you should sit down and listen to Alura,” Ophanim said, frowning as he caught Quinn sticking her tongue out at Sparky behind his back. Shuzi nodded in agreement with Ophanim, her head bouncing back and forth between Quinn and Sparky like it was the final ten seconds of Monster Race.

“Thank you Ophanim,” Alura took the opening like a lifeline. “First of all, GMs should behave in a way befitting their position. That means no name-calling and especially no fighting other GMs.”

Sparky opened his mouth to ask.

“Or players,” Alura added quickly. “No name-calling or fighting players either.” 

Sparky closed his mouth. 

“Onto the next point…” Alura continued.

“How are the trainees doing?” Lance asked casually the next time she met up with the blue rabbit for their weekly snack run.

“It’s been…” She thought back to their last training session, “eventful.”

“Oh?” Lance made a small, interested noise as he continued to shuffle through the racks of colorful candies and chips.

“They have a lot of energy…sometimes too much,” she admitted, “but everyone’s been working really hard. They have a lot of fresh ideas and it’s definitely been so rewarding,” she finished confidently, nodding firmly to herself.

“What do you think about these?” Lance asked suddenly, practically shoving a box of peco-shaped cheese crackers into her face.

“Uh…” Alura was momentarily thrown. “They remind me of Shiris?” It was true, the cheesy, toasted crackers did bear a strong resemblance to the feathery GM. 

“We’ll definitely have to stock up on a few of these for our meetings then,” Lance picked up not one, not two, but three(!!) boxes. Personally, Alura wasn’t sure whether setting out zesty cheddar ranch-flavored peco snacks would be cute or come across more as an inadvertent death threat.

“Do you think we have enough?” Lance questioned seriously.

I think we may have two or three boxes too many, Alura thought. 

Brring-brring!” Lance was interrupted from his deep state of contemplation by the cheerful bell  sound indicating an incoming RODEX messenger falcon. As he scanned the attached mail, Alura tried to discreetly move some of the crackers out of their shopping cart and back onto the shelves.

“Alura!” Lance called out. Her hand shot behind her back, guiltily hiding one of the boxes as she did her best to look like she had been innocently browsing through the selection of chocolates. “Would you be so kind as to do me a favor?”

“Oh, of course!” She responded immediately, relieved that he hadn’t noticed their significantly less-filled cart.

“I just got an urgent request for help from an old friend — would you be able to go check-in on her and see if everything’s alright? I would go myself, but I have a meeting scheduled in 30 minutes.” Lance looked so concerned, Alura didn’t think twice.

“Just leave it to me!”

Alura had always loved visiting Jawaii for the soft, sun-warmed sand beaches and calm, peaceful ambience. Normally that is. Today, the air was charged with the frantic energy of Kari, Lance’s friend.

“It’s ruined!!!” The distraught blonde was holding a suspiciously smoking, blackened mess with oven-mittened hands. “I’m so hopeless at baking!” 

“Miss?” Alura approached cautiously. “Lance sent me — is everything…alright?”

“Oh!” Kari spun around with teary eyes, sniffling. “Hello!” She hesitated a moment, “I was trying to make strawberry cheesecake. Unfortunately it’s failed again,” she gave an embarrassed laugh. “Could you help me?” Kari looked at her hopefully. Alura really didn’t want to have to break the news to her that the most she had ever baked in her life had been some chocolate chip cookies under the heavy guidance of Luna, Alisa, Zelda and Soleil.

“I would love to help you, but I don’t know whether I would be the most qualified,” Alura settled on. “I’m not the most experienced at baking either, unfortunately.”

Kari looked devastated, her lip beginning to tremble.

“But!” Alura added hastily, “I’ve heard of a Master Baker in Lutie. Maybe he would be able to help?” 

And that was how Alura found herself making the long trek from Jawaii to Lutie. She huffed as she made her way across the snowy field outside of town. Seriously, Lance was going to owe her so much for sending her halfway across Rune Midgard.

After asking some of the locals in town if they knew about the famed Master Baker, she found herself directed towards one of the houses to the northwest of the town center.

“What is it that you want?” A grumpy cat wearing a chef hat grunted, noisily chomping down on an apple. His attitude was a direct contrast to the cozy, cheerful house, fully decked out with bright Christmas lights and ornaments, a fireplace crackling merrily behind him.

“Oh uh, hi there,” Alura started nervously, “I was wondering if you could help make a strawberry cheesecake for me? Well, it’s not really for me, it’s kind of a long story really, it’s for a friend. Well, not my friend, strictly speaking, n— not that I wouldn’t want to be her friend! It’s more—”

The baker cut her off impatiently, “I’ll need you to bring the ingredients.” 

As he listed off all of the things he would need, Alura forgot all about her initial nervousness as her disbelief grew. “One hundred milk, fifty strawberries, and 30 cheeses? I just wanted enough for one person, not enough to feed one hundred!”

“Not my problem,” the cat shrugged, unconcerned. “Take it or leave it.”

“Fine!” Alura stomped off angrily. Really, were there no other options? As she headed back to Prontera, she thought about it some more. If she headed back to Jawaii empty-handed, Kari would no doubt be upset yet understanding. But Alura had already come this far, how hard could it be? It would surely be easy enough to buy the items the Master Baker had requested in the extensive markets of Prontera.

It was decidedly not easy. In fact, Alura was certain she hadn’t run as much around Rune Midgard in her entire life as she had done in the past 24 hours. Between hunting for the strawberries that the wolves South of Payon jealously guarded to traveling to the mysterious Whale Island that had previously only been talked about in legends for the sake of three eggs, Alura was ready to collapse on the nearest surface and sleep for a year.

On the bright side, the Master Baker had been pleasantly surprised when Alura had reappeared on his doorstep with the several crates of milk that had been shipped from Milk Ranch and the carefully stored packages of fresh strawberries, cheese, and eggs. Kari had been equally delighted with the delicious-smelling, freshly baked cheesecake. 

“YAY! OMG, it’s so beautiful! Could I possibly ask another favour of you? The cheesecake is a present for someone special. Would you mind delivering it to him?” Alura’s eye twitched violently.

“So how’s Kari doing?” Lance asked. Alura couldn’t stop her face from screwing up at the memory of the hellish 24 hours that she had endured. “That bad huh?” Lance laughed.

“It wasn’t all bad…” Alura thought back to the identical looks of utter delight that Kari and Kari’s boyfriend, Alexander, had on their faces when she had delivered their respective gifts. “I made some new friends! I even learned how to make a special cake that the Master Baker shared with me the last time I visited him!” Even though it hadn’t turned out perfectly when Alura had tried to recreate it, her trainees had demolished the cheesecake, reassuring her that the taste was spot-on.

“Speaking of food, how did Shiris like those peco crackers?” Alura questioned curiously.

Lance made a face, “let’s not talk about that…ever.”

“Wha— Lance!” Alura ran after him, the noisy duo filling the streets with sounds of laughter.


Story Photos (HIGHLY recommended)


Alura meeting Kari for the first time in Jawaii



Meeting the Master Baker in Lutie


Hunting for ingredients

On the way to the mysterious Whale Island, previously only heard of in legends


Getting chased by wolves while strawberry farming /panic


On the way to the evil cloud hermits (attempting to)


Finally getting the cheesecake after delivering the ingredients to the Master Baker


He was a lot happier after getting to bake


We thought it was over, but then...


In Alberta now...when will the journey be over?


Complete! Made a new friend along the way




Bonus picture


Actual cheese crackers that inspired me (I'm not sorry for INSPIRATION)




A new recipe by Lutie's very own Master Baker -- modern with a classic twist! This matcha and strawberry basque cheesecake serves 4-5 people and is supposedly foolproof (INCORRECT, I definitely found many ways to mess this up, but definitely easy and quick to make). Apparently I have no sense of internal measurement, because what I thought was a 6-inch cake pan was actually 10-inches, that's right, TEN /panic

It still tasted really good despite my best attempts to sabotage myself! The middle was super custardy and creamy and the top was caramelized without being burnt (despite the appearance) /rice

Matcha and Strawberry Basque Cheesecake

Prep time: 5 minutes

Bake time: 20-30 minutes

Total time: approx. 25 minutes

  • 226g cream cheese
  • 1 cup heavy cream
  • 1/2 cup sugar
  • 2 large eggs
  • 1/4 cup flour
  • 10g matcha
  • Strawberries


Step 1. Preheat the oven to 450 degrees Fahrenheit (~232 degrees Celsius).

Step 2. Line a 6-inch cake pan with parchment paper. 

Step 3. Add the cream cheese, heavy cream, sugar, eggs, flour, and matcha powder to a blender and blend until smooth in texture. 

(When I went grocery shopping, I couldn't find matcha powder, so I resorted to using a matcha tea powder -- you can see in the photo that the granules are kind of large. I was concerned that it would cause an issue, but it actually turned out fine!).


Step 4. Slowly add the mixture to the lined cake pan using a sieve to ensure that there are no clumps.


Step 5. Drop the cake pan a few times on the countertop to remove the air bubbles. Because we used a blender to mix our ingredients, it added a lot of air to the mixture.


Step 6. Bake the cheesecake for around 20-30 minutes or until the top of the cheesecake is a very dark brown/amber color. The middle of the cake will fall slightly after you remove it from the oven -- don't worry, this is completely normal! The middle should still be very soft and custardy.


Step 7. Let the cake cool completely at room temperature before carefully removing from the parchment paper. Decorate with strawberries and any other toppings that you want to add.


Bonus picture for the GM Blackstar challenge (it was fun to go overboard on filters for once and try to make something look as disgusting as possible /gg)


Rune Midgard Recipe


Matcha and Strawberry Basque Cheesecake

Loosely based on the original Strawberry Cheesecake recipe from the quest:

  • image.png.ee13ddac1ef4b51cda0ea822daac3b28.png 30x cheese (farm from the Evil Cloud Hermits in Gonryun Dungeon)
  • image.png.99a7fa063dc5f43a9dec70990d62f615.png100x milk (bulk order through the vendor from Milk Ranch)
  • image.png.830bd48349cbb678e1f2131112976936.png10x sweet sauce (buy from Chef Assistant)
  • image.png.6a8578a98d1aa58b6f990ac3af1db4f2.png 2x eggs (farm from Wood Goblins in Moscovia Dungeon)
  • image.png.452d473e41ccdd6e1ee4b12de798542f.png 1x bag of grain (buy from Chef Assistant)
  • image.png.17ad63d76cb4b7403469a9c17b0aa509.png 1x green herb (probably have one of these in storage already)
  • image.png.776a4e494d67bf99fa4c52909423c6b1.png20x strawberries (farm from Wolves South of Payon)

Step 1. Find a kind friend whose oven you can borrow. If you visit a certain grumpy cat in Lutie with some baking ingredients, you might find that he's suddenly much more accommodating. Preheat the oven to 450 degrees Fahrenheit (~232 degrees Celsius).

Step 2. Line an Old Frying Pan image.png.64b4201c6341d6b46e0bf0d63e7960c0.pngwith some Oil Paper image.png.b661b107bb327f5bef98befdc35c9fd0.png (anything silicone-based will do).

Step 3. Enlist some hungry friends to assist with beating the cheese and milk to form cream cheese and heavy cream. It will happen...eventually. Meanwhile, use a Pestle image.png.a966c9bb9e386829d69b7fbb71aa2782.pngto grind the grain and green herb into flour and matcha. Finally, mix together all of your hard-won ingredients in a Mixing (Medicine) Bowl image.png.963d7342aa05d42292d9b54a10134e38.png.

Step 4. Slowly add the mixture to the lined pan by pouring it through a fine cloth Fabric image.png.18899cb6db0cef9daeceebf4131a76b9.png to ensure that there are no clumps.

Step 5. Bake the cheesecake for around 20-30 minutes or until the top of the cheesecake is a very dark brown/amber color.

Step 6. Let the cake image.png.71b160546cf993e8cdb3e783087a791e.png cool completely at room temperature before topping with strawberries and serving. Enjoy!

GM Challenges


GM Alisa Challenge: Avid Gamer - Include a fake in-game step by step version of your recipe using your imagination and knowledge of the RO world.

GM Blackstar Challenge: Make me hate it. - Use a photo filter to destroy your dish's presentation.



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  • Gamemaster

Thank you to all who participated in this event! We are looking to announce the winners some point next week.

Wish you all the best of luck and may the cooking Gods smile in your favour /lv

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/gratCongratulations to our top three winners /grat

1st Place winner @SanngridrBlodgur

2nd place winner@Ashadia

3rd Place@SleepySupports

Furthermore, just for participating in this contest, all valid entries will receive a Lv. 10 Food Bundle.

Prizes will be mailed to you in the coming days! 

Thank you again to everyone who participated in this event and we look forward to seeing you all in our next event.

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