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S>Calibre Seal Services [CLOSED]

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Well what can I say?

I used this service and these guys are very friendly, and effective.

We were done before I knew it. A good deal, and a good experience! Anyone looking for seals service can't go wrong with this team here.

thanks again you guys!

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Me and couple of my friends bought this service yesterday and it was fun experience.

Definitely worth for the money! 

Thanks Yuren and team, hope you have a blessed new year :lol:

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    • By Nox~

      First :
      Champion Hybrid (Tank and Asura)
      Skill :

      Stat and Gear :
      On Tank with SB "Just Tank For Strong MVP"
      Hight End Gear -
      1.1 Enter Here
      Gold gear -
      1.2 Enter Here
      On Asura Hybrid :
      Hight End Gear -
      2.1 Enter Here
      Gold gear -
      2.2 Enter Here
      Lord Kaho Horn
      Mid:  Any mid [1] with stat
      Orc Hero [Anti Stun]
      Incubus Card [For Asura ]
      Nightmare Card [Anti Sleep]
      Giearth Card [Anti Confussion]
      Dark Illusion Card [ For combo with DL]
      Gossip Raven  [ All stat +1 and +3 def ]
      Pussy Cat Bell
      Give Attack lower ( stat or atack )
      Diabolus Robe / Any armor with +3 str [Gloom and Porcellio Card ]
      Any Armor [Bathory Card]
      Fire Armor ,Wind Armor [RSX Card]
      Wind Armor / Any armor with [Marc Card ]
      Valkyrja Armor  or Any with[Angeling Card]
      Mace[ 4x Drac Card]
      Suiken " Enchanted With Water " [Dracula , Abysmal Knight, Turtle General Card ] 
      Valkyrja Shield [Alice] or any u like
      Strong Shield [Alice ]
      Shield [Hodremlins] / Platinum Shield
      Guard [Golden Thief Bug]
      -  + 7 Strong Shield / Any Shield [ Luciola Vespa ] Decreases damage from Wind Property by 20%.
      Increases damage dealing to Wind Property by 5%.
      like Mistres , Tane , Basco , Sniper Checil and etc
      Proxy Skin Fragment [Deviling / Aliot ]
      Diablos manteau [Deviling]
      Sleipnir [Eddga , GEC ,DL ]
      or any Footgear with Hight deff
      Celebration Ring
      1x Bris / Dring Osiris
      1x Bris / Dring Helpoodle
      Megingjard [ STR + 30, MDEF + 7 (Monk Class ) Reduce damage done with Asura Strike by 10%.]
      "not realy need" just for Maximum FO if u have better than Expensif costume hehe...
      SQI Upgrade :
      5 DEX , 5 STR , 30% Freeze and Stone Curse Resistance and 13% ASPD
      Tips :
      you must be good at quickly changing the core gear to build skill in sekillbar as easy as possible for you
      Luring : Just lure mob without SB u alreay have hight deff and Devo
      keep using ur Angelus and Asum from HP , just use SB for Hard/Strong MVP and Emergency

      Tanking from Lord Knight mob
      Use Fire Armor [RSX] + Alice shield and Numa ur self skill numa 1x cell beside u , or u can ask hp for numa when tanking
      Ask Safety Wall from HP when tank Without SB if many mobs.
      For Hight Wizard Mob u can Spam Finger Offensive skill don't forget wearing GTB shield.
      Asura Strike =Neutral element This build ady 1x hit with lexaterna LHZ_dun03 mini bos's lvl 99

      If wearing suiken For Normal hit / FO Keep bring elemental or Cursed Water for hit Water element moster
      LVL 10 HEAL can use this for heal ur self and help heal Pally / Party when u tank W/O sb 

      For cast SB : skill Dangerous Soul Collect   >> Steel Body
      Tanking MVP's
      Most i follow  armor and shield khrei's Guide
      Different at :
      - Wind RSX/any rsx + Normal GTB
      Osiris, Pharaoh, Dark Lord, Baphomet
      - FA[RSX] + Normal [Alice]

      GMC Seiren
      - At flor 2 Armor Angeling + SS Alice
      Chang GTB if Angel Morock attaking u.
      Flor MVP
      - FA [RSX]+ Valk [Alice]

      GMC Gemini
      - At Flor 1 and 2 , Armor Angeling + SS Alice for tanking Pally mob Chang GTB if cast magic
      Can FA [RSX] + Alice to
      Flor MVP
      - Wind [RSX]+ GTB
      Last PLAY WITH UR UPGRADE Armor or Wapon for max
      i am Using this for GMCs (Still dont tested on GMC Saen)  and 2 or 3 Man Seal's Service

      Hight Priest Hybrid (Tank and FS )
      I just share Only General Gear and Stat
      Hight end gear-
      3.1 Enter Here

      Gear :
      Not much different from the Champion Gear
      SQI uprgrade :
      5 DEX , 5 DEX , Heal 20% more with Sanctuary  , 10 INT
      Another Alternative Link
      Khrei's Tank Guide
      Kels Champ Guide
      For HP FS gear can search at this forum.
    • By Erma

      13/07/2016 update:
      The guild is now closed. Thank you to everyone for the journey, and see you in the next chapter! Check the website for more information.

      Hometown: Amatsu
      Website: aeon-tro.shivtr.com
      Guild Leader: Erma [Erminator/Ermablitz]
      Co-Leaders: Sinshine | Kiwee

      Aeon was founded on April 3rd 2015 by myself, Sinshine and Panda-. Before then, we were officers in another Amatsu guild, but unfortunately, with the GLs inactive and what we could do for the guild was limited. Eventually we left and began Aeon, taking a few friends along with us. We have  been growing as a social and PvE guild ever since. Panda- has left our ranks since, but it's good to remember where we came from. ~
      P.S. We were foolish enough to promote Kiwee and two others. She has since disposed of their bodies in a shallow grave. Send hel-

      Aeon has grown from a humble group to community that has been a home to well over 100 people in the year-and-a-bit we've been around. 
      As a PvM guild we have enjoyed plenty of regular activities together: between our ETs we'd fill our time with Seals, Sealed Shrine, Jupe Core, Thor 3, Bio 3, HBQ, GMC parties, MVP hunts and so on. Although we are shifting our focus to social rather than PvM due to leaders' availability, we hope to carry on many of these activities given our members' interest and initiative. 
      We have a thriving website, Discord and WhatsApp group that helps our members stay involved even when there is less time for RO, we love Cards Against Humanity, and are all over the latest Jackbox Games craze.
      Although gear and experience are great assets, what we care about first and foremost is how you'd fit within our family.

      Recruitment: OPEN!
      Our current timezone split: 
      Please note that we do try our best to accommodate everyone o/
      Poll from October 2015.

      To join us, please apply on our website. After that contact Erma, Sinshine or Jenn on TalonRO's or Aeon's Discord for a chat!