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Christmas Countdown: Art Contest

GM Howl

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5 hours ago, Raccoony said:

In Game Name: Arkuny

I got so excited (/)^o^(\) Here is my entry~

I love High Priests (/)> u <(\) I always connect Christmas with lots of colorful lights and baking bunch of delicious stuff XD so that was the idea behind this picture (n*w*n)

I might be able to make more.. I just have to edit this post to add them?



omg thats so friggin cute *-*
super-love the blushes!

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In game name : Cakehealer

Tablet : BAMBOO PEN CTL - 660

Tool : Photoshop CS5, Saitool 1.20


Here is my entry.  I drew hard for this contest :D

i'm looking forward to other Talon artist's work XD

i'm korean, so i don't speak english well.. please bear with me ;_;



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1 hour ago, QueenB said:

ok both of the images are 300x404, i inserted the frame to measure and copy and pasted it as i downloaded it x.x

will that be a problem?

IGN: Skylar7



As long as the images fit within the frames and the frames weren't resized, it's no problem :) 

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On 15/11/2015 17:28:51, GM Howl said:

The Christmas season is almost upon us -

Christmas is my favorite topic. I love all this. The events of the game are a great source of inspiration to me. Literally takes me back to my childhood. I feel truly blessed.  I have so many memories over the years.

Success for the event! Congratulations to the players for talent! Beautiful images!

Long live "A Town of Eternal Christmas." ‚õĄ¬†¬†ūüéÖ¬† Lutie. *-*

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